Dyatlovo is a small town in Grodno region, which, despite its modest size, has a rich historical and cultural heritage and is a must-see place at least once. 7.7 thousand residents live in the town. Each resident is proud of his “home” because there are so many interesting and attractive places.

The History of Dyatlovo

In comparison with other towns of the country, this town is quite young. The first mention of it dates back to 1498. At that time Ostrozhsky was given the opportunity to found a town for his services. At the beginning of the XVI century, a castle was built which fulfilled protective functions for a long period of time. In the middle of the XVI century, the first church was built, which remains a jewel of the town nowadays. During the Northern War, forces of the Russian army were placed on the territory of Dyatlovo, for a week Peter I himself lived there. But this period was very sad for Dyatlovo because the troops had to retreat and the place was ravaged and burned. Then the Radziwill family built a beautiful castle. During wartime, soldiers lived in the palace.

Sights of Dyatlovo

The town of Dyatlovo is rich in monuments of architecture from different periods of time. You can visit:

  • The main attraction of the town – a beautiful church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Its construction was finished in the middle of the XVII century. It is located in the center of the town. Sometimes it seems that at first the church was built and then the town appeared. This significant architectural monument of the XVII century was restored several times;
  • Another significant monument of the town - the large Radziwill palace, which was built in the middle of the XVIII century. At that time, there was a complex that included many buildings, which located in the park near the river. Unfortunately, all the charm and chic of these buildings cannot be seen, only the main building of the palace is preserved; anyway, it requires restoration;
  • A complex of small architectural works of the late XIX century in the central square;
  • Transfiguration Church, located near an old wooden church, built in the XIX century.

In general, the entire center of Dyatlovo is a very bright example of how almost all towns looked once, which, unfortunately, lost its historical value today. Local residents are proud to live in such a town. Every person can see a “living piece” of the history of the whole country.

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