There are many interesting places in the world that you can visit in your own. All you need is a gadget with a navigator, guidebook, and camera that will help you capture all the amazing beauty.

There are many places in Belarus that you can see for the first time and fall in love with them at once. And it is not always about the most famous tourist sites and monuments of architecture. It is possible to fall in love, even if a place is not interesting at first glance. For example, there is a small village Synkovichi in Grodno region. This village is able to overwhelm you since it has a rich and very interesting history and unique old buildings. In order to explore this Belarusian remote place, you do not need a thick guidebook, just enough to knock on any door and ask local residents. Senior people will be happy to show their home, they will tell you about all the tragic events and happy moments of their village with enthusiasm and pride.

Synkovichi village is located near Baranovichi-Volkovysk road, 130 kilometers fr om the regional center of Grodno region. The whole village is located on several plains and small hills at the same time.  Unfortunately, there is no information about the exact date of its foundation. However, this land is linked with one very interesting legend which is told descendants for many centuries.

This legend is connected with the old times, when Grand Duke of Lithuania Vitovt ruled, he had to hide from his own brother Yagaylo in Synkovichi for a long time. Yagaylo was very greedy and hard-headed, he wanted to own all the lands that belonged to Vitovt and his father Duke Keystut. For a long time, they resisted him, however, the future King of Poland tried to take towns and villages. But all his efforts were in vain.

Then Yagaylo made an evil plan. By deceit, Vitovt and Keystut came to his principality and Yagaylo put them in jail and usurped their lands. However, Vitovt could escape from prison. Yagaylo began to pursue his brother. Vitovt went to the village Synkovichi wh ere local people helped him at the risk of their lives. In gratitude for the courage, Vitovt built a stone church of St. Michael the Archangel in Synkovichi, which exists today.

You should come to this lovely corner of Belarus, local "guides" will tell you a lot of interesting and always offer to taste national Belarusian cuisine!


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