Indeed, a small town with a melodious name of Lelchitsy is considered the best on the territory of Gomel region. This refers not only to improvement but also to the living conditions of inhabitants. The town is ideal for those who like Belarusian remote places and those who are eager to have a break from the bustle of modern cities.

There are many legends about the origin of its name. According to the written resources, there are many variants of its spelling: Lenchitsy, Ubort, Lenchichi and more.

Here is one of the widespread legends of its origin. It is considered that it is formed from the name of God Lel who belonged to the pagan pantheon. He was the God of marriage (identical to the Greek Eros, or the Roman Cupid).

According to another legend, in the 15th century, Lelchitsy lands belonged to Alexander Alelka. 


The first mention of the town, located on the Ubort river, dates back to 1569. At that time Vilno bishops owned these lands. Since it was situated in remote woodlands, this small town developed more slowly than other similar towns. In 1793, after the division of Rzeczpospolita, it became the center of Mozyr povet and belonged to the Russian Empire. Later, in 1874, Tishkevich family became the owner of Lelchitsy.

In 1917 Lelchitsy was a part of the Soviet Union. A year later the town was occupied by the Nazi invaders. In 1920 Lelchitsy was captured by the Polish troops but in the same year the liberation of the town took place. Later on, the town began to grow. Hospitals, schools, factories, power plants and water mills were constructed. In 1924 Lelchitsy became the center of the same name district of the BSSR.

In late August 1941the Nazis invaded the territory of Lelchitsy. By November, they completely suppressed the Soviet forces. An underground organization began to resist the Nazi invaders but it was discovered and its members were killed in 1942. The war took 2676 lives. 1790 people were sent to Germany forcibly and 155 of them never came back. The Leltchitsy district’s fate is tragic. Several villages with their inhabitants were utterly destroyed. The district remembers the victims of war. Memorials and monuments were erected. The liberation of the town was in January 1944. 


Lelchitsy does not have monuments of culture and architecture. However, visitors are amused by the local clean air and beautiful landscapes of Belarusian nature.

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