The town with the fascinating name of Pruzhany is located in the north-western part of Brest region. Its shares border with many districts of Brest region and directly with Poland.

For the first time this village was mentioned in the chronicles of 1433. However, the city has become popular since 1487 and was called Dobuchin. The current nickname of this town was recorded in 1589. There are a lot of legends, which are directly related to the origin of the name of this place. One of them states that Pruzhany came from the word «proso», which at that time was the main cultivate rural crop in these places. Another legend says that the first inhabitants of this place in the XIII - XVI centuries were so-called Prussian tribes. The name Prussians, then Prussany, and after Pruzhany came from this legend. In 1589 Pruzhany also got Magdeburg right with the charter of the city, the press and, of course, the stamp mark. It can be called notable that the coat of arms of Pruzhany has an incredible resemblance to the coat of arms of Milan. On its silver background there is a grass-snake holding a baby in its mouth.

However, during the wars that took place on these lands in the XVII-XVIII centuries, the city was razed almost to the ground. Many years took its further recovery.

Most of all areas of the city are located within the boundaries of Pribugskaya plain.

On the territory of this area there are the Yaselda River, the Zelvyanka River and the Levaya Lesnaya River. There are water reservoirs called the Guta, the Papernya, the Rudniki and the Zalesye here too.

The territory of Pruzhany is incredibly rich in forests, which cover about 45% of the total area. The most important forest areas are Byelowyezha and Ruzhany thickets.

Industry shows the city enterprises, which are focused on processing of agricultural raw materials. The factory of radio components and the complex, which is specialized in the production of various building materials, are functioning here too.

In the town of Pruzhany there is a great variety of buildings, which can be attributed to the historical and architectural values ​​of the Middle Ages.

Among the most important it is worth noting the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, which was founded in 1866, the city's patrimony, which was built in the XIXth century. The Regional Museum works here now. The monuments to Soviet pilots were placed here; there are many mass graves of the Red Army and Soviet warriors and partisans in this place. There is also a park with the same name name «Pruzhany» in the city.

It is worth noting that there is a children's sanatorium complex «Ruzhansky», which has quite diverse medical facilities, in the Ruzhany forest, on the shore of Lake Papernya.

Undoubtedly, the city of Pruzhany is a quite important historical landmark. There are plenty of places for family rest and for journeys alone.

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