A city with a fascinating name is located in the southwest of Brest region. Malorita, in addition to Ukraine, borders on Zhlobin and Kobrin districts, too. This town, with the population of about 11 thousand people, was founded in 1940.

he first mention of this village goes back to the distant 1566th, when the royal village called "Malaya Rita" was a part of Berestye County. It is worth noting that after the third division of Rzeczpospolita, this village became a part of Russia, and then a little later it was a part of Poland, and in 1939 became a part of the BSSR. And soon in 1970, the village of Malorita gained the city status.

The whole large area of ​​the municipality is located within the borders of Brest Polesie. The largest river is the river with a symbolic name "The Rita". In this area there are also incredibly beautiful lakes, rich forests and swamps. Most of the swamps have been drained. It is worth noting that biological and botanical reserves of national importance are located on the territory of Malorita district.

In Malorita city there are food and construction industries operating. Agricultural housekeeping specializes in meat and dairy cattle, also cereals and, directly, feed crops, potatoes and sugar beets are grown.      

Significant territory of Malorita is covered by forests, in which a unique and fantastic atmosphere of ancient Belarusian woods dominates. So-called "Tsar-Oak" is growing in these forests. It is the oldest oak of the Republic of Belarus. Its height is 48 meters; its diameter is more than 2.5 meters and the age of this amazing tree is more than 800 years. This is the oak that is declared as a botanical monument of national importance.

We should include the huge number of wooden Orthodox churches, which were built in the XVI-XVII centuries in the attractions of Malorita and Malorita district.

Back to 1668, St. Nicholas church was built for the money of parishioners in the city of Malorita. This temple is very popular among tourists who come to Malorita. It has become a tradition. A sports marathon of international importance is also held here each year in October. And all the participants and fans of this marathon believe this church is special and miraculous. After all, a righteous spiritual life revives and this revival gives hope and confidence in happy and prosperous future. Malorita city still stores many mysterious stories of older years. There is a huge area of ​​hiking trails here too. They will leave unforgettable impressions for a long time.

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