Ivanovo is a very cozy and quiet city located in Brest region

This locality is situated 142 kilometers fr om Brest. According to the latest population census, 16.5 thousand of people live here. Ivanovo is full of historical places of interest and memorable sights. Local people are very proud of their city which has a rich history, and being very hospitable by nature, they are always glad to meet tourists at their place.


Initially in the 14th century this city was referred to Porkhovo village. In the 17th century the locality was also known as Ianovo, in honor of the village’s owner. Thanks to being bishop’s property it was highly developed in the 15th century, whereupon it became a borough.

During the war between Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Russia Bobolia missionary was executed on the territory of Ivanovo and after that he was canonized.

At the beginning of 19th century, the borough was renamed as Ivanovo and it became an urbanized settlement, however the railway station was still called Ianov-Polesskaya.

During the post-war period the settlement developed slowly. There lived only 3 thousand of people, but the infrastructure was good enough for a fulfilling life. Only in 1971 roads were laid with asphalt, good lighting was installed and finally Ivanovo became a city.  Twenty years after that there were almost 15 thousand of people living there.


Ivanovo city is very popular among tourists due to the variety of memorable places and historical architectural constructions. One of them is very well-known and important. It is Roman-Catholic Church Krestovozdvizhenskaya. It was built in 1848. There is a small chapel on the territory of this temple and according to historical records it is an approximate place of St. Bobolia’s execution.

Another very significant sight of the city is Pokrovskaya Church which was erected in 1901. It is situated not far from Roman-Catholic church. It is a direct indication of tolerance of Belarusian people who try to live and cohabitate peacefully on the same territory. 

The monument of Napoleon Orda in honor of a great cultural figure can be also found in Ivanovo, because this city is his direct Motherland.

There is a museum of local lore in Ivanovo, wh ere some expositions of its history are displayed, the same way as a great deal of documents and exhibits from the life of Napoleon Orda.

There is also a memorable plaque dedicated to the soldiers of the 1stWorld War on the territory of the city.

The whole list of the city’s places of interest has a great cultural-historical value for Belarus. It will cause interest of particular visitors and tourists as well as travellers all around the country.

The excursion to this calm and quiet city will leave nobody indifferent. 

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