The village of Zapolje

Modern Belarusian villages are quite a lot of interest of the compatriots and the foreign guests. To the present days their dwellers have retained everything that passed intact from generation to generation – the way of life, customs and traditions. The village of Zapolje is a bright example of it.

A humble settlement

The village of Zapolje occupies a small area on the territory of Pinsk district, Brest region. Nevertheless Zapolje stands out from other villages because of its close proximity to a large regional center – the city of Pinsk. It would be better to say that Zapolje is a sort of logical continuation of Pinsk, and it is very easy to get round to the village from Pinsk. Perhaps for this reason a lot of wooden houses of the past centuries are kept up here – the citizens of Pinsk may afford coming to their country-houses regularly, especially in the summer time.

Though Zapolje is not a very popular destination among the residents and guests of Belarus, it is included to the number of sought-after excursions.  For example, you can visit the village as a part of Polesie tour, which also includes such interesting objects as Logishin, Velesnitsa, Rudka, Porechje and, of course, Pinsk.

The main attraction

But if the village is included to the number of excursions across Belarus, why is it so popular? The chief and famous attraction of it is the monument of architecture – the Plyatter’s palace and park ensemble.

 It originates from the XVIII century when the complex, including the park and the refined surroundings, was founded. As for the main “hero of the day” – the manor – it got the present appearance only in the XX century, namely in the 1920s. There, for sure, was another building on that place before, but there is no information about it and its owners.

The house represents a remarkable architectural structure. On the one hand it is a traditional, albeit large, wooden building with a gabled tile roof and typical composition. On the other hand attention is drawn by the unusual white columns situated at the main entrance of the mansion. Together with the façade the columns seem forcibly tied to the building being extremely disharmonious with the overall style of the house.

Unfortunately, no one looks after the estate nowadays, so the house seems derelict. Interesting is the fact that there is neither museum nor farmsteads here, which for sure would be demanded. One can find accommodation for rent here.

It is plausible that in the nearest future the locals will become the initiators of "resurrection" of the unique architectural monument, which has already been included to the list of historical and cultural heritage of the Republic of Belarus. Nowadays people have to be satisfied only with the authenticity of the building.

By the way no other element of the complex, except the mansion, has been kept up here, not even the garden.


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