From one owner to another

The hamlet of Gremyacha is situated in Volchin selsoviet (rural council) of Kamenets district of Brest region. This settlement was first mentioned in documents of the 14thcentury. At that time, it was a farm and was listed as a part of Volchin estate. During the history of its existence, the borough of Gremyacha was passed repeatedly from one noble family to another and changed many owners.   In the 15th century, the owners of the estate were the Ilinichis to whom the Grand Duke of Lithuania had given the hamlet. In the 17th century, that land was the possession of Alexander Gosevsky, an owner of a large manor in the village of Volchin. In the 18th century, Gremyacha was passed to the possession of the Sapegas, then to the Flemings, the Chartoriyskys, the Ponyatovskys, and it was passed to the Puslovskys and the Vislotskys in the 19th century. Adolf Martin Puzyna became a full owner of the land in 1870.

The Manor and Park Ensemble of the Puzynas

There is an object on the hamlet of Gremyacha. It was included in the list of historical and cultural values of the Republic of Belarus, a manor house of the Puzyna family. If you want to reach it, you should follow the road (about 400 m) which leads to the North from the eastern edge of the village.   It was built on a bank of the Pulva River in the mid-19th century in the typical for that period style of late classicism. There is a bright austere Palace with typical features of the Empire style (late classicism is also called in such a way) in the center of the Ensemble.  It is situated as if on a hill, the highest part of the estate. This Palace is one-storey building of brick with a hipped roof which stands out for its decent appearance, solidity and durability. The facade of the building is decorated with a four-column Doric portico.  Fragments of an ice-house, cheese dairy and barn have been also preserved in the Manor and Park Ensemble. But the main attraction of the estate is 10 hectares of a wonderful park rich in fir, white mulberry and quince trees. You will hardly see such a diversity of the plant world anywhere else!  Two venerable larches are growing here. These are such unique trees which remain without needles in winter.

In 1933, Yuzef Edvard Puzyna (1878-1949) sold the land to the Polish colonist-settlers and moved to the village of Bolshaya Berestovitsa of Grodno region for permanent residence.

It is also known that till the end of the 20thcentury, till 1990, a school was working in the Palace.  Then the historical value was without an owner for a while. In 2005, Kamenets district executive committee handed it over without compensation to the balance of JSC “Voskhod-Kamenets”. The agricultural enterprise made great efforts to preserve the Manor and Park Ensemble. The owner of the estate and the huge park became a resident of FEZ “Brest” of the joint enterprise “VaskoBel” In July 2011.

Come to us!

A visit to this mysterious and unique nature corner will certainly remain in your memory for a long time, will enrich your inner world and will leave an unforgettable impression. As every leaf and every blade of grass on the farm of Gremyacha is full of the atmosphere of the mid-19th century. The picturesque Pulva River and the patrimony of the Puzanas create an amazing illusion and bring their guests to a century and a half back, in the times of beautiful ladies and noble cavaliers.

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