It is quite a big town in Brest region. Baranovichi is situated on the plain, where the height difference is no more than 20 meters, between the rivers Shchara and Myshanka. The city is located 193 km from Brest and 139 km from the capital. About 180 thousand people live here. The predominant majority of them are the Belarusians. Baranovichi is in a very good and advantageous location, because it is a large railway and road junction. There are many industrial enterprises, well-developed water and electricity supply in the town. Baranovichi takes up eighth position in the country by the number of population and it is an important industrial, educational and cultural centre of Belarus. Along with such advantages the climate is very good and favorable in this area.

The history of Baranovichi town

The town of Baranovichi is relatively young. Its year of birth is 1871. It is this period when the railway construction began. In the same year a locomotive depot was formed, which located near the station.

The decision of developing the Razvodovskies township urged people to move actively to these places in late autumn 1884. At that time 120 homes had been built and 1.5 thousand people moved into them. Five years after bourgeois type control was enacted in the town.

As long as the railway was constructed Baranovichi became a major railway junction, which connected  the country major economic centres with the foreign ones as well. This fact greatly influenced the town development and speeded  up it significantly.

During the World War II Baranovichi was occupated and totally destroyed. The town was already restored to its pre-war condition In the first decade after the War. So, around 40 workshops, as well as industrial enterprises began their active work here.

The Sights of Baranovichi town

The town of Baranovichi is not only young and beautiful, but also has a relatively high level of cultural and historical development. You can find many interesting places on its territory that each of the town’s visitors wants to visit.

The main attraction of Baranovichi is considered to be a large Museum of railway equipment, where trains and equipment of different periods are placed.

Church of St. Sigmund is particularly noticed among all the temples in Baranovichi. The construction is rather new – it is of 1990 year. The building is very beautiful, made in the original style with interesting shapes. Another unique cathedral in the town is St. Basil. Its peculiarity lies in the interior which is filled with mosaic decorations. They were presented to the church in 1920 by Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Warsaw.

Of all the town heritages the Korolevskies estate enjoys great attention. The main estate house was built in 1870. Apart from it the ofitsina structure has survived until the present day.

There is another Razvodovo homestead on the territory of Baranovichi, where the estate house itself with the stables stand in all its beauty. The buildings have been preserved from the late 19th century to the present day.

There is such an unusual monument as the monument to a sparrow, set up in 2003. Local residents began to celebrate the "Day of the sparrow," on the 21st of March, which began to attract more tourists.

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