Payment by bank card

1. Make sure the solution if your bank card to pay for (the system supports payment by VISA and Master Card bank cards). Sel ect "Card Payment".

Comment to payment a bank card:

2. After pressing the "Pay" button, it moves to the payment system "ASSIST". Enter the details of your credit card on a special secure payment system «ASSIST». After entering all the required data, check the entered information and complete the payment by clicking «PAY». On your acceptance of the decision on the payment order and enter details of your bank card is given 20 minutes. In case of exceeding by you the set time, Your order is rescinded. After pressure on the "PAY" your card is authorized in the banking system and the payment is approved by the bank.


    3. The dialog box of next maintenance emerges on completion of payment - Your order is confirmed.

    4. Upon completion of the payment to Your e-mail address will be notified about the payment (about transfer money to the account of the payee). In case of successful completion of the payment order is considered to be decorated. In case of cancellation and depending on the reasons for the refusal of authorization, to solve the problem, you can:

    Information about payment security by credit card

    5. To watch status of the tourism products chosen by you, you can in the personal cabinet.

    Payment be the system "Raschet" (SSIS)

    System "Calculation" (or "Raschet") - Automated Information System Uniform settlement and information space (AIS SSIS) established by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus for simplification of organization of reception of payments from physical and legal persons (system website -, telephone contact center - 141)

    Make a payment you can use cash, e-money and bank payment cards in paragraphs banking that provide services to receive payments, and also by means of instruments of remote bank service.

    For confirm the reservation is necessary to:

    1. Select: SYSTEM "CALCULATION (or "Raschet")" (SSIS - ЕРИП) - Tourism and Recreation - Travel agencies, tour operators - "CENTREKURORT - Tourist services at VETLIVA"
    2. To pay for "Products / Services" enter the order number.
    3. Check the correctness of the information.
    4. Make payment.
    5. Completing the booking and receiving documents on tour

    The package of documents on the tour (agreement of offer, the booking sheet) depending on the chosen and prepaid services it is possible to get in the personal cabinet and print before a trip independently.

    Payment against invoice
    To make a payment, you should:

    1. Choose the payment method "Invoice" in your account

    2. Download, print and submit the invoice to the Bank for payment.

    Payment at the company's offices

    You can also pay for your booked services at the company's offices in Belarus and in Moscow, just note you wish when booking. The addresses of the offices you could find here.

    Payment upon arrival

    The VETLIVA portal has a number of partners who accept guests without prepayment. These partners are marked as Available for payment on the spot. This means that after booking an object or service and selecting this method of payment, you will receive Booking form by e-mail, according to which you will make payment on the spot.

      How to cancel a reservation

      Booking services on the web-site of (,, note the cancellation policy. From a certain moment penalty approvals come for abolition of reservation.

      1.  If the order is not paid, you can cancel it by yourself fr om the Personal Account. To cancel a reservation you must go to your order and use "Cancel".

      2.If the order is paid, you must send a letter of the cancellation by e-mail

      The order is canceled after the assignment to the Contractor "Cancelled" status in the Personal Area and the direction of the corresponding letter to the Customer Service.

      Return to the bank card

      Return for payments made through the system "SSIS"

      Cancellation Conditions