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Klyovoe mestechko manor

Klyovoe mestechko manor

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Address: Tsentralnaya St., 4A, 213765, Osipovichsky district, Smyk village, Mogilev region, Belarus
Check-in 14:00
Check-out 12:00
Year of foundation 2017
Distance from the center 7 km
Distance to airport 89 km

Klyovoe mestechko manor is located near Minsk on the banks of the Osipovichi reservoir. The estate is located just 80 km fr om Minsk on the highway M5 / E271 Minsk-Gomel, to the city of Bobruisk 45 km from us, to the city of Osipovichi 9 km.

We offer to spend weekends, vacations, relax with family, relatives, friends, colleagues, celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, corporate parties, go fishing and others. Comfortable accommodation in 4 guest houses with European-quality repair, gazebos, bathhouse, comfortably located right on the beach a picturesque lake, fishing, beach vacations, boat trips, catamarans and bicycles will give many positive impressions and unforgettable memories.

Guests can stay in any of the four rooms offered.

The first guest house is designed for five to six vacationers. It is equipped with three small rooms with the necessary new furniture: 4 single beds, a sofa bed (double bed), bedside tables, an armchair, a wardrobe, a table, a hairdryer, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, an electric stove, an electric kettle, a set of dishes and cutlery, a radio and a TV flat-screen with air channels.

The second guest house is suitable for four to six people, the decoration of which is made of natural wood and stone. The room has the necessary new furniture, including: 1 double bed, 2 single beds, sofa bed (double bed), wardrobe, bedside tables, table, hairdryer, refrigerator, microwave, electric stove, electric kettle, dishes and cutlery , radio and flat-screen TV (satellite tricolor + on-air).

The third luxury guest house is decorated in the Venetian style and is designed for two or four vacationers. It has: 2 folding sofa beds, wardrobe, hairdryer. It is equipped with a kitchen with a gas stove, there is cold and hot water, a water purification filter, a transforming table, a refrigerator, a microwave, an electric kettle, a set of dishes and cutlery, a radio and a flat-screen TV (satellite tricolor + ether).

The fourth house (VIP-double room) is a bathhouse made of logs made of logs. It has: sofa bed, wardrobe, stools, table, hairdryer. There is a fireplace stove, a kitchen with a set of dishes and cutlery, a water purification filter, a refrigerator, a microwave, an electric stove, an electric kettle, a samovar, a radio and a flat-screen TV (satellite tricolor + ethereal), as well as a steam room and a shower room with two tropical showers and free of charge toiletries.

Guest houses are heated by electric heaters convection type electrolux.

Thus, in the estate near Minsk "Klyovoe mestechko" can accommodate 18 people in four guest houses. For their convenience, a bath / sauna, rain shower, fresh linens, towels, etc. are provided.

On the estate there is a gazebo for 20 people, wh ere guests can relax and spend time with friends. It is possible to hold events for up to 30 people. There is a place for a campfire, garden furniture, a kitchen on the terrace with sinks and a tabletop electric stove. For fans of outdoor activities - a basketball court with a ring, a mini-football field with a goal, balls, a punching bag, horizontal bar, bars, jump ropes, hula hoop, frisbee, badminton, boomerang, checkers, chess, backgammon, cards, dominoes, etc.

The estate always has fresh linen and perfect cleanliness. Free parking (parking) in and outside the clock is under video surveillance.

An experienced, hospitable host who does everything for the comfort of guests will meet you personally.

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Meals are not provided at the estate. Guests can use fully equipped kitchens and an outdoor kitchen in each house.

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Sports and recreation

Due to the fact that the estate is located on the shore of the Osipovichi reservoir, guests can have a great time on the gazebo installed for 14 people with barbecue, equipped directly on the water, equipped beaches and piers. Here you can sunbathe, fish, have picnics by the water. You can also swim in a boat with oars, enjoy a guided tour of a motor boat with steering, ride a catamaran or relax calmly while lying on a comfortable sun lounger, enjoying a gorgeous view of the water surface. Taking water, bicycle or hiking trips, you can enjoy the clean air and capture the fabulous scenery of a pine forest adjacent to the lake. In May-June, the nightingale trills sound in the estate.

The first spring fishing is the month of April, in which rudd guarantees an active bite on warm, calm, sunny days. In the summer, you can enjoy the bite of the "credited" crucian carp, scavenger, bream, carp, and in October and November - catching perch and pike perch.

In addition, we can offer: catamaran, rowing boats, bicycles, separate bridges near the water for recreation and fishing, fishing tackle, binoculars, darts, training and boxing gloves, sports nunchucks, throwing knives and other exercise equipment (accessories) for recreation, sports and tourism , acoustics, accordion, mini football field, basketball hoop.

The cost of the bath is $ 50 4 hours (up to 6 people).

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Additional information

The settlement is based on a document confirming the identity (passport) and a voucher.

The price includes: guest house with furniture, appliances, utensils and cutlery, fresh bedding and towel, kitchen on the terrace with sinks (cold, hot water), table electroplate, tea, coffee, sugar, salt, spices, arbor with furniture and fire, mangals, smokehouses, cauldrons, grills, skewers, wood, garden furniture, a recreation area with water , balls, boxing pear, turnstile, bars, ropes, hulahoop, frisbee, badminton, boomerang, checkers, chess, backgammon, cards, dominoes, life jacket, parking and "compliment from the owner". 

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Getting there

The Klyovoe mestechko manor is located:

  • 80 km from Minsk on the highway M5 / E271 Minsk-Gomel,
  • 45 km from the city of Bobruisk,
  • 9 km from the city of Osipovichi: from the railway station "Osipovichi" - 10 km.
GPS coordinates: 53.375433781418, 28.62206676195

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