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Tourist complex Dukorsky Mayontаk

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Address: Shkolnaya street 15, 222840, Dykora, Minsk region, Belarus
Check-in 14.00
Check-out 12.00
Year of foundation 2010
Distance from the center 0.7 km
Distance to airport 30 km

Every place, like every person, has its own purpose. In "Dukorsky Mayontаk" and the people who create it, it is quite unusual. Just 200 years ago, almost a fifth of the population of our country was made up of people of the gentry class. In no other European country did the aristocracy make up such a large part of the population; in no other European country did the aristocracy live according to such democratic laws.

And it just so happened that due to the confluence of geopolitical and political circumstances, the gentry history and culture of our country was almost forgotten, lost, and no longer recognized as its own. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the manor in Dukora acquired a very peculiar status — the status of the center for the preservation of the original Litvin (Belarusian) gentry culture through the efforts of a brilliant aristocrat and diplomat Leon Fratsevich Oshtorp. Despite the fact that the political realities of the time did not contribute to this, Leon Oshtorp found both the strength and the means to ensure that the gentry heritage of our ancestors did not sink into oblivion. Exactly the same goal is set by the modern Dukor maentak.

The main principle of all our programs is to “revitalize” dry historical information in front of the viewer, make old costumes, dances, gentry weapons, practical skills of past eras appear not by words from the mouth of the guide, but by live action performed by the art group and masters of the complex.

Want to feel yourself a gentleman, who is met at the gates of the estate with live music and equestrian escort? Want to witness the events of the past years? Want to learn how to dance real gentry dancing? Do you want to become a blacksmith's or potter's apprentice for a while and create an arrowhead, nail, jug or glance with your own hands?

Then we are waiting for you in Dukorsky Mayontаk"!

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For lovers of antiquity, who prefer unhurried gourmet dinners to old music, the Korchma Cafe will be to the taste. There you can not only appreciate the interior of the medieval inn, but also try the dishes of the ancient gentry and European cuisine.

Today, our kitchen is glad to offer visitors the opportunity to have a tasty and beautiful celebration of an anniversary or a wedding, to hold a corporate banquet or dinner with business partners. Visitors to the complex, who came to the Dukor manor to get acquainted with its history, ride a horse, ride a boat or just take a walk in our park, can spend time with taste and reinforce their strength.

The tavern has a large hall, ready to receive more than 100 people, a bar, a VIP room for up to 20 people, a wardrobe, two bathrooms. Guest service available Tavern in rented tents.

Mode of operation Tavern

Tuesday - Sunday - 10.00-18.00
Monday - day off

Catering after 18.00 - only by reservation!

Sports and recreation

The following sports and leisure facilities are available for guests:

  • excursions (sightseeing, for children and adults)
  • horseback riding (horseback and chaise)
  • rope town (two tiers)
  • Archery-throwing shooting
  • attraction "Pendulum"
  • boat / catamaran (in the warm season)
  • craft workshops
  • upside down house


Shkolnaya street 15, 222840

Getting there

You can use transfer services

By public transport:

  • In Minsk we get to the metro station "Mogilevskaya", we leave in the direction of the train on the right side in the direction of leaving the city.
  • At the bus stop of public transport "Metro station Mogilevskaya" we take the minibus "Minsk-Druzhny" (the most optimal option), "Minsk-Maryina Gorka" or the bus "Minsk-Pravdinsky" (the cheapest but slowest option).
  • We leave at the stop "Dukora", go through the crosswalk, enter the settlement.
  • We move along the Minsk street about 1 km to the main square of Dukora. The main road goes to the left, continue straight. On the left hand we leave the Rodny Kut shop, go forward another 100 meters and turn left onto Pervomayskaya Street.
  • We are moving along Pervomayskaya 600 meters, we rest against the local farm collective farm, round it to the left and continue to move forward between the farm yard and potato warehouses.
  • After 450 meters we find ourselves in the main parking at the main entrance to the complex.
By car:

  • We leave from Minsk on the M4 highway in the direction of Mogilev, Gomel, through Shabany. We move about 11 kilometers.
  • Behind the settlement Privolny we are going to the right on the sign for Gomel on the highway M5. We move about 16 km, we drive into the settlement of Dukora, we are rebuilding into the left lane.
  • We move to the place of the turn (the gap in the dividing strip and the sign "Place to turn" are closer to the exit from Dukora towards Maryina Gorka), turn around, move about a hundred meters back to Minsk, turn right into the village.
  • We are moving along Dukor all the time along the main road (in front of the main square of the agro-town, the main road goes 90 degrees to the left, go along it).
  • Moving along the road R-69 in the direction of Smilovichі. After 600 meters after leaving Dukory, on the left side, we observe an old apple orchard and a pointer to "Kharavichy", on the right shoulder there is a pointer to the right to "Dukorsky mayontak".
  • Turn right at the signpost, move in a straight line about 1 km to the parking lot of the complex.

Coordinates for GPS: 53.67543702, 27.96508183

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