Sign of spiritual kinship of the countries of the world in Minsk

Sign of spiritual kinship of the countries of the world in Minsk


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Every person understands the sign of spiritual kinship of the countries of the world, established in 1995 in Minsk, in his own way. At first sight, a gray stone pillar reminds a Wehrmacht eagle on a bayonet or whale tail. This monument, full of meaning, is located in Yanka Kupala Street near the alley of chestnut trees, planted by the great commanders Rokossovsky, Rudenko, Tymoshenko and others. The sculpture has no inscription, so it is often confused with a monument dedicated to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, especially taking into consideration its location and time of appearance - the 50th anniversary of the Victory. Similar monuments are located in the beautiful French town Bayeux and ancient German Tangermünde.

The German sculptor Peter Medtseh, who was born on the date of the Great Victory a year later (May 9, 1946), explains his work as the zeal of the spirit upwards and a split at the top of the sculpture as new paths for the future of mankind. Cobblestones near the stone pillar indicate the direction of parts of the world. It is necessary to note that the author’s name is translated fr om Greek as "stone." The sculptor decided to act as a stonemason and unite eastern and western Europe by the same pillars that represent the spiritual kinship. Medtseh and his Belarusian colleague-sculptor Stanislav Larchenko claim that humanity represents the spirit in the form of a pillar striving upwards for centuries. Have a look at mysterious moai of volcanic rocks on Easter Island! There are many other examples.

The spiritual kinship. Perhaps the meaning of this term can be wider than the connection between the godfather and godson, between people of the same faith. If there had not been wars on Earth, rich countries had supplied food and funds to least developed regions, probably life in our world would have been almost perfect. But some people suffer from obesity somewhere, throw every day a ton of high-quality products, while in many African countries (not only in Africa), adults and children die of starvation. Countries involved in wars, interfere in political conflicts, fight for leadership and power, natural resources. But is it so important? Why can’t we all live in peace and harmony? All people have the blood of the same colour. Does nationality make difference and wh ere do we live? In the pursuit of money and personal happiness, people often forget about the simple things: love for each other, patience and friendship. But the body is not eternal like all material things. New and unexplored is somewhere beyond. Each person has to develop and grow spiritually like the upper part of the stele strives upwards, symbolizing the desire of mankind to bring something new. Let the sign of spiritual kinship of the countries of the world remind us of love for each other and the value of non-material. Very often profound meaning is hidden behind the ordinary appearance.


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, Minsk , Belarus
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