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This building is one of the landmarks of the capital. And the reason is not because it is the first place to be seen on arrival. It is due to the amusing and long-lived history of Minsk railway station.

The beginning of the way

It is interesting, that the first railway station in Minsk, built in 1871 was not at all the forerunner of the modern one. It was located on Surazhskaya Street and was called Brestski or Aleksandrovski station. Unfortunately, the building had been destroyed as far back as in 1941, having been successful in receiving high-ranking persons, as for example the emperor Nikolai II. As for the modern Minsk railway station, then it was erected on the place of Vilenski or Libavo-Romensi station, opened in 1874. This was facilitated with the main railway lines passage, connecting the Baltic states and the south of Russia.

Originally the building of Minsk railway station represented wooden constructions, but it was only at the beginning. In view of the most important functions performed and for the station was visited by quite influential people, by 1898 wood had been completely replaced with stone and Minsk railway station acquired impressive and aesthetically pleasant look. It is important, that at that time it was a real “pearl” of city architecture -  the building resembled more a fairy-tale tower, than a railway station.

Approximately at that period of time Privokzalnaya Square (named Bobruisk triangular at that time), where all the main roads led to, acquired its usual contours.

The XX century period

Even since 1905 Vilenski station have started to serve not only intercity and international but also suburban trains trips. Modern Serebryanka and Kurasovshchina districts were the suburban area at that time.

In 20’s the life of the station was not that easy, it was due to the passing nearby border with Poland. Not more that 3-4 trains run per day, and mainly to the south. However it can be said that any serious innovation wasn’t made at that time. Thus, the upper floor of Vilenski station was completed, where the waiting area and administrative offices were located. Besides, electricity was gradually introduced into the trains themselves, that made trips more comfortable.

After the Great Patriotic War the building was changed a lot – it became more massive and heavy in accordance with new architectural project by Rochanik. However, the building was so damaged in war time, that during its reconstruction a decision to return it the initial, not massive look was made. Approximately that was also in 1948-1956 when the second recognizable Soviet era symbol – twin towers on Kirova Street appeared.


Today we can see a modernized variant on the place of the old station’s building, which impresses you with its grandeur at first sight. The new station was built in 1991 on the old station’s place upon the architects M. Vinogradov and V. Kramarenko project.

Glazed floors, developed infrastructure, multiple-level system so necessary if taking into consideration numerous guests of the capital, arriving in or leaving Minsk daily – all of it makes the railway station comfortable and cosy, by every measure meeting the increased requirements of the present. And historically formed location is becoming a kind of growth and city development formed location is becoming a kind of growth and city development symbol.

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