The Libau-Romny Railway Administration Building in Minsk

The Libau-Romny Railway Administration Building in Minsk


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A red brick building in the Art Nouveau style, once a place where transport issues of the country solved, attracts attention. It was built in 1911 during the existence of the Russian Empire and was the Libau-Romny railway administration building connecting the Baltic Sea with Ukraine. This building is located on Kirov Street. It belonged to noblewoman Jadwiga Kostrovitskaya. Then this building was occupied by the railway administration, as well as pharmacy, library, shops and railway employees' mutual benefit association. Before World War I, there was a gymnasium and nursing courses. Nowadays, ordinary citizens of Minsk live in this historic building. The first floor of the building is occupied by restaurants and cafes. Architect Krasnopolsky built this building. The building was created in a modern style with rounded corners - the rejection of square corners is a typical feature of Art Nouveau. The facade is decorated with small balconies.

The Libau-Romny railway was founded in 1876 through the merger of Libau-Koshedar railway line (which connected two cities on the territory of modern Latvia and Lithuania - now Liepaja and Kaišiadorys) and Landvarovo-Romny railway line (on the territory of modern Belarus and Ukraine). V.V. Sklifosovsky is the first chief of the Landvarovo-Romny railway station in Minsk, by the way, he was a brother of the famous surgeon. The Osipovichi railway station became the first station of the Libava-Romny railway line in 1872. Later, the station expanded and turned into an important transport hub of the country. The main sections of railroads had been built in 1872-1901. Some peasant lands were used for railway construction. The railway lines were laid through the Minsk, Mogilev, Chernigov, Poltava, Kurland, Vilna, Kovno regions. By 1913, the railroad was almost 1500 kilometers long. There were more than four hundred locomotives. Thus there was a significant jump in the development of the Northwest lands, and Belarusian railways gradually became one of the most advanced in the Russian Empire.

A part of the Libau-Romny railway line is functioning today – since 1918 it refers to the Western railroads and allows plunge into the history while traveling by train there.


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