The building of the county hospital of the early XX century in Mozyr

The building of the county hospital of the early XX century in Mozyr


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Mozyr is a town in Gomel region situated in the very beautiful upland. Apart from many reprocessors populously visited by tourists, there are lots of architectural monuments in Mozyr. Every year a huge number of tourists visit Mozyr to enjoy its attractions and splendid nature.

The building of the county hospital attracts special attention of tourists. It was made of yellow brick and has survived to us in dilapidated condition but it does not prevent it to attract numerous tourists.

The building was constructed before the First World War. It is not stated who was the initiator of the construction. But it is known that originally the owner of the building didn’t want it to be used as a hospital. It was a dwelling house of its owner. Later it was decided to transform it into a hospital. Now there are some features showing that the building was dwelling: lots of arches and niches in the first storey.

It was a county hospital before the Soviet period and it was expanded up to regional during the Soviet times. Two corpuses were attached to it in order it could serve more patients. It also allowed to create new jobs for medical workers and to increase the population of the town. But it hadn’t existed for a long time as a regional hospital, and soon it was transformed into children’s. And when the town authorities understood that there had been no need of a children’s hospital in the building, it was closed and the building stood empty.

A new modern building appeared near the old one with the course of time. It met all the requirements of a modern person. It was decided that the renovation of the old building and communication lines was not profitable so the building began gradually to be ruined.

Today it is an ordinary neglected building that anyone willing can watch but it is very dangerous to go upstairs as the building is deemed to be in bad repair.

A black stove on the first floor draws attention of many tourists. People argue whether it served to cremate people or to burn things of naught. Its role of a heating system is not taken into account. But still it is not stated what was the purpose of the stove.

It is written on the small tablet on the building that it presents historical and cultural value of the town.

There are a lot of people near the building all day long. Architecture lovers watch its walls, flooring, argue about different things; tourists and guests of the town simply wander near it and take pictures; and among newly-weds this building has become a favorite place for different types of photo sessions. The restoration works are not carried out in the building, but, still being in Mozyr, visit it and pay attention to the architecture of the building.

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