Theatre named after Yanka Kupala in Minsk

Theatre named after Yanka Kupala in Minsk



The history of creating the Theatre named after Yanka Kupala in Minsk

One of the important cultural attractions of Minsk is the Theatre named after Y. Kupala, which is proudly called the National Academic Theatre. The building of the Theatre was built from donations of local residence in 1890 on the project of two architects – K. Kozlovsky and K. Vvedensky. The latest technologies of those times were used during the construction. At that time, the theatre hall could accommodate up to 550 visitors.

The first performance, which saw the walls of the theatre together with the audience, was called “Nine days wonder”.

In 1944, the Theatre received its current name in honor of the famous Belarusian writer Yanka Kupala. This happened after the production of the famous “Pavlinka”, the stage director of which was   L. Litvin. 2010 – 2013 is a period of a global restoration of the theater.

Description of the Theatre named after Y. Kupala

The building of the Theatre named after Y. Kupala is not only a place for numerous performances, but also refers to the list of monuments of Belarusian culture. The building is of little architectural value because of the numerous restoration works since its creation to the present days, it was changed beyond recognition. There is not one part of the decor of those times inside the theater, when the first performances were held there. In spite of this fact, after a major restoration, which was completed in 2013, many tourists, even those who are not very close to the culture of the country, eager to get to the Theater.

The latest major restoration was being conducted during three years, starting with 2010.  Even the initial construction of the Theater lasted only 2 years. Restorers found it difficult to recreate the original appearance of the building, because it was added on and modified during its existence. Even in historical data, they did not find exact information about the original theatre project. Architects began restoration works, relying only on old photographs and descriptions of eyewitnesses. During the restoration, the building was strengthened and acquired a fresh new appearance.

For unknown reasons, the main element of the theater, which was its hallmark, the rise of the floor in the auditorium, was not restored. Many local residents believe that the architects just did not know how to implement it, without knowing the exact project of the original building. However, this caused much outrage among people who are sure that it is possible to do everything with a good budget and the latest technologies. Finally, the restorers partially managed to restore the original look of the Theater. Not only the facade, but the stylistic direction and color scheme in the interior were reconstructed.

But the most important thing in the Theater is still the talent and skill of actors who continually delight the audience with their amazing acting. Like a century ago, both locals and tourists come with pleasure to the Theater named after Y. Kupala to watch interesting performances.


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