The building of the cinema “Pobeda” (Victory) in Minsk

The building of the cinema “Pobeda” (Victory) in Minsk


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The building of the cinema “Pobeda” (Victory) in Minsk is located on the spot where the club of food industry workers stood, built in 1929 according to the project, the architect of which was A. Burov. Almost four centuries ago on the place of the entertaining institution there was located a Catholic Church, which in 1633 was a part of a Catholic convent. The Catholic convent had existed over two hundred years and in 1872 it was replaced by the Convent of Our Saviour and the Holy Transfiguration. The street was renamed into Transfiguration one and the building itself occupied two streets and its form resembled the letter “U”.

With the advent of a new government and before the Great Patriotic War the building was occupied by a club named after Stalin. It was allowed to conduct celebrations and organize exhibitions in the club. In 1935 the administration of the club organized the first exhibition of children’s toys, having a national scale. Local producers presented more than 150 thousand exhibits.

During the war Germans organized a club for their soldiers in the building, which was blown up by underground workers in 1943.

After the war it was decided to reconstruct the building. In fact, it had to be raised fr om the ruins. The work was started in 1949 and a year later the cinema opened its doors to the first visitors.  

The building on International Street, 20 refers to monuments of the postwar period. The architects Joseph Langbard and Mikhail Baklanov designed the first cinema of Belarusian capital in the style of the so-called Stalin's Empire.

The central door way of the building of the cinema “Pobeda” (Victory)has two Corinthian columns. The perimeter of the building is surrounded with a solid cornice. Later on the façade of the cinema appeared semi-circulars frescos.

The cinema “Pobeda” (Victory) was the first among other cinemas of Belarus wh ere appeared a wide screen. The premise consisted of three rooms, in total accommodating more than a thousand and a half viewers.  The visitors, who found the cinema in the original design of the building, were offered a room for watching documentary films. They could be also amazed with the views of a summer outdoor cinema which numbered 610 seats and was open to visitors from May to November. Close to it there was a fountain and sculptures of frogs around it.

A new era was marked by the inclusion of the building of the cinema “Pobeda” (Victory) in the State list of historical-cultural values of the Republic of Belarus and by a start of developing a plan for its restoration.

In 2014 the cinema building was reconstructed. Architects tried to preserve the uniqueness of the interior, which was present in the original draft. The façade of the building was only added with a ramp and a small lift platform for wheelchairs.

In our days the cinema “Pobeda” (Victory) can accommodate 488 viewers and has the latest surround sound system. For a long time the cinema was the only Belarusian member of the Association Europa Cinemas, which includes 469 cinemas from more than fifty countries.

The building of the cinema “Pobeda” (Victory) in Minsk is not only a place of cultural rest of inhabitants of the capital and its guests, but also an attraction, which is included in many tourist routes.

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