The Building of Ironworks "Gigant" in Minsk


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The capital of Belarus is diverse. Streets of Minsk has always been famous for the beautiful old buildings. Octyabrskaya street is not an exception because it has many historical buildings of the early 20th century. One of such buildings - the object of industrial architecture – is the building of ironworks, which was built in 1908. Of course, it was not always stone and massive, initially, it was made of wood and it was called “Gigant” (Giant). About a dozen people worked there - they were engaged in repair of agricultural machines and some equipment. The factory also produced small items. Of course, the first equipment was not the best, and the staff was quite small. A few years later, in 1912, the factory "Gigant" changed its name to "Energy", the number of its employees increased to twenty-five, and production was expanded considerably. In 1913, the wooden building burned down, but a year later the factory continued functioning.

In 1917-1921, the factory was reconstructed, and the building became stone. One year later, the number of workers increased to one hundred and ten years later there were more than a thousand workers. The factory produced machine tools. In Soviet times, it became one of the largest factories in the BSSR. The enterprise was actively expanding - additional buildings and new machines for casting appeared. The only problem was that 94 percent of workers had no higher education and lacked engineering knowledge. Thus, when special educational courses appeared, so trained staff brought their ideas in order to improve the production process.

In 1930 the factory was named in honor of K.E. Voroshilov. Then the Great Patriotic War started, the building did not suffer, although it continued functioning only in 1948. During the war, underground groups functioned here. From 1961 to the present days, the enterprise was named in honor of the October Revolution. Today the former "Gigant" is part of the Minsk factory named after the October Revolution.

The building of the factory was built of red brick, its large part is one-storey - many enterprises of the Soviet Union were built in this style.

Recently it became known that it is planned to demolish the industrial building in the center of the city, but the preservation of the building of the factory “Gigant” is discussed since it is a monument of architecture. Who knows, maybe someday there will be a themed hotel with pictures of people who worked at the factory.

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, Minsk , Belarus
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