The layout of the central square in Kamenets

The layout of the central square in Kamenets


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Kamenets is a town with the population of 8.5 thousand people, located in Brest region. Since ancient times, the town has attracted numerous tourists with its history and attractions. Here is a well preserved defensive watchtower built in the 13th century, the Church of St. Simeon dated to the early 20th century and several monuments erected in honor of the founders of the town.  

The most attractive sightseeing of Kamenets is the ordinary layout of the 19-20th centuries. There were almost 600 farmsteads in the town and more than 3 thousand people lived there at that time. A brewery worked on the central square of the town, large by the standards of that time, and about three festivals a year were held there as well.  

Kamenets Tower (Kamenets Vezha)

Kamenets Tower is the second largest landmark in the town. It is the only architectural monument of Ancient Rus in Belarus and it is located not far fr om the ancient square. The Tower built in the 13th century has preserved its original appearance till nowadays.

Today a branch of Brest local history museum is located inside the Tower. If you visit the museum, you will learn about the cultural life of Kamenets and nearby regions from the 13th century to the present. Exhibits that play an important role in the formation of Belarusian culture are displayed inside the museum.   

Life on the ancient square

The ancient square was the center of the town. It was full of life, shops and public houses were opened there and fairs were held from time to time. There was a market not far from the square. The territory of it stretched for several streets. The layout of the town was ring-radial. It means that the square is the beginning for many streets of Kamenets.   

Low-rise buildings were built on both sides of streets: they were low wooden buildings wh ere establishments were opened and families settled for permanent resistance.  

Today the buildings situated on Brestskaya and Pogranichnaya streets are historical and cultural values. The buildings of an ancient gymnasium and printing establishment are among the striking examples of the culture of those times. The external appearance of the buildings corresponds to the emergence of classicism in Belarus.  

Most buildings located on the old central square were destroyed or burned down during the Great Patriotic War. Especially wooden buildings suffered such a fate. Over time, the authorities of Kamenets had to restore the image of the square to recreate the architectural appearance of the past era.

Today Kamenets is visited by tourists who want to get acquainted with the life of the past centuries. There are several constructions on the central square. They are formalized under old times. Thanks to them you can get acquainted with the architectural features of the 20th century. The planned development of the town does not restrict the historical buildings, due to which Kamenets is often included in the list of significant palaces of Brest region. Town guides are happy to tell tourists the history of the town, share legends and historical facts. 

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