XIX century estate in the village of Dvorishche

XIX century estate in the village of Dvorishche

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There were about 8,000 homesteads, farms and estates in total on the territory of the Republic of Belarus in the late XIX century. Today 1 200 historical patrimonies and their fragments have preserved, and more than 350 of them have prospects for reconstruction and their further usage.

Choosing a recreation in Minsk region, one can not ignore the estate of the XIX century, which is located in the village of Dvorishche in Dzerzhinsky district. Dvorishche village has been known since the beginning of the XVIII century in documentary sources. However, there is little information about this settlement and its sights as of today. It can only be noted, that this village resembled separate farms earlier.

As it was mentioned earlier, the construction date of this estate in the village of Dvorishche refers to the XIX century. The structure of the estate included: the estate house, a water mill, outbuildings, arbours, an artificial lake in the court territory and a picturesque park. The very homestead was a two-storey wooden house, where a total of 22 rooms were located. In the 80s, the mill was restored and now it attracts a huge number of tourists. Moreover it is located near the highway to Lithuania. There are fragments of alleys and centuries-old trees (for the most part they were lindens and larches) on the estate territory as well. A circular glade was also preserved. It is located in front of the southern rearguard of the estate house, along the perimeter of which birches and spruce were planted.

To the present day, visitors can only appreciate what's left of that old estate complex. Several buildings of this estate were destroyed to the ground in the course of time. However, the ruins that remained on the estate place clearly shroud us with the spirit of the past centuries. The old picturesque park, which part has survived to this day, is worth noting too. Ancient oaks, lindens, maples are everywhere and once there were small alleys in this place.

Before the revolution every piece of land had its owner, who needed to live somewhere - and not in a peasant hut, but in a luxurious house, with a picturesque park, a pond and arbours. That is why the territory of modern Belarus has a huge number of estates, which vast majority has a special status of historical, cultural and architectural monuments with unique landscape designs. Unfortunately, little has left of the XIX century ancient estate nowadays, only birch groves remind of the former beauty and popularity of the local places.

The estate in the village of Dvorishche, shrouded in the spirit of the Belarusian peasant way of life, attracts tourists from everywhere, gives an exceptional opportunity for you to touch the history of Belarusian architecture and to appreciate the real recreation in the Republic of Belarus.

A trip to the village of Dvorishche is included in a huge number of tourist programs today.





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