The Estate of the Samuelevs in the village of Pyatevschina

The Estate of the Samuelevs in the village of Pyatevschina


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There is a small village in Minsk region, which is included in many excursions. Here you will find the old estate of the Samuelevs, built in the early XX century. Though the house is relatively "new", the estate is considered to be a popular tourist place in Minsk region.

Franz Goos was the first owner of the estate. In 1830, the land was seized since the owner did not pay the loan for a long time. That’s why councilor Anton Goos decided to sell the land to the Chapskys. Shortly, the Chapskys sold the land to Samuelev. He began to lay down the first bricks of the most beautiful estate in 1910. So, the estate appeared soon, which included a house, small park, several outbuildings, and garden.

Regular terracing techniques were used during the construction of the estate. You will find an ordinary single-storey wooden house in the center. There are two small verandas. However, one of them has not survived to present days. 60 years later, a brick structure was added to the wooden house. The staircase at the main entrance was replaced by a ramp.

There is a barn, which represents the typical utilitarian architecture of the XX century. If you look at the western part of the house, you can see an entrance alley and many horse chestnuts. Only isolated trees left today, which amaze with their grandeur and beauty. Several apple orchards are concentrated in the southern part of the park. A promenade in the park was especially good when the orchard was blooming. The spruce planted along the garden performs protective and aesthetic functions.

The park alleys gradually become narrow closer to the house, the house is surrounded by small terraces. Over time, the crowns of the planted trees connected, so maples, oaks and lime trees became as if one unit. For almost a century, the trees have become incredibly large. You can also see the large-leaved linden, American basswood, as well as European larch.

Nowadays, the estate has its original appearance. There is a hospital for a very long time. Therefore, the estate was used as a living space for a short time.

In 1982, a monument to Professor Fedor Ignatovich Pasternatsky, who is considered one of the founders of the Belarusian balneology, was erected near the estate.

A few years ago, the old wooden building was dismantled. Despite the fact that the estate can not boast a rich history and its owners did not become eminent Belarusian figures, the estate is popular among tourists. Local people proudly call this place "the heart of the village" and they like to tell legends associated with the estate buildings.


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