Razvodovo Manor in Baranovichi

Razvodovo Manor in Baranovichi


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The estate of the family of Razvodovskye, located in Razvodovo, along with Korolevskye estate, in Baranovichi, are the pearls of architectural heritage. Baranavichy is proud of them. And it is not unreasonable. The official date of foundation the town is considered to be 1871, when the railroad ran across the territory of Baranovichy. Despite the fact that the town is relatively young, here you can find not only these two estates, but a unique museum dedicated to milestones of the history of the Belarusian railway development. Also there are several beautiful churches, a monument to a sparrow (which is now considered to be a visiting card of the town), houses of the Jewish community of the XIX - early XX centuries, and many other things. However, one thing at a time. The portrait of Razvodovo estate will be incomplete without a brief outline of the history of the town.

Baranovichi is a town with a short but rich history

On the territory of the modern town people lived long ago, since the XVII century. But, we will adhere to the official version. In 1871, a railway station opened. It was near a small village. Later, a locomotive depot was built here, and then two villages located nearby – Novye Baranovichi and Razvodovo - merged into a single whole.

Since 1800 the family of the Razvodovskye owned the land where the railway junction was located. The first mistress of Baranovichi, who bought the estate, erected a small wooden house and a couple of outbuildings on its territory. However, she was soon forced to sell these lands. Owners change one after another: the Narkevichis, the Markevichis, the Gurinovskye, the Kuznetsovy ... Only 81 years later a countess Elzbieta, who belonged to the Razvodovskie family, bought the ancestral home. Thanks to this initiative woman in 1884 Minsk governor approved the plan of land development, and the village of Razvodovo appeared. In the future it became a part of the town of Baranovichy. They planned to erect market rows, cemeteries and a temple. However, the time was difficult, the Russian government did not allow the building of the church. Although a small chapel was built. By the way, now in its place Krestovozdvizhensky church (another monument of architecture we recommend to visit) is located.

The Razvodovskie owned the estate up to the Great Patriotic War. In 1941, Maria Razvodovskaya, the last owner of the estate, had to leave Belarus. She removed to the Altai Territory. Her fate was tragic and involved: she came fr om Altai to Iran, wh ere she worked as a governess for the shah, then moved to the USA and sheltered at her daughter and her son.

The construction of the estate started at the end of the XIX century and lasted until the beginning of the XXth century. Now it is a one-story building with a tiled roof, painted in white and yellow. Despite its more than modest and slightly neglected appearance, the sight is still popular with both locals and tourists, as a beautiful example of the architecture of the last century.

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