The Puttkamer family estate in the village of Bolteniki

The Puttkamer family estate in the village of Bolteniki


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Bolteniki village is located in Voronovo area of Grodno region, close to the border point of Benyakoni. The most famous place of historical and cultural value here is the Puttkamer family estate in Bolteniki village, which has been located on the local map more than one century and which attracts many tourists with its unique architecture.

It is believed that the first house in the Puttkamer family estate appeared as back as in the XVIII century and resembled in its style something between Baroque and classicism. That building, which hasn’t preserved to the present day, can be seen only on the painting of a famous Belarusian artist Napoleon Orda. Externally, the house was modest and unremarkable, it was small and built of stone. However, its exterior modesty was completely offset by a sumptuous interior decoration, corresponding to the count title of the owner Puttkamer. Exclusive furniture in the Empire style stood in its beauty, and the ceilings were stunningly painted.

In 1890, the grandson of the Puttkamer family rebuild the old house on his own, putting in that enterprise a great sum of money. The estate was made of red brick in the neo-Gothic style. The grandson was personally involved not only in organization of the construction work, but also followed what furniture would be in the rooms. The house interior was grand and magnificent at that time, made in the varied eclectic style. The furniture was exquisite and expensive, made of red wood with a touch of bronze. And the cushioned furniture was gilded and referred to the days of Louis XV. The ceiling space and the doors of the house were made of oak. It was exclusive and elegant, that fully met the position of well-off Puttkamer in the society.

Nowadays, stoves and fireplaces from the British tile have perfectly preserved. It is noteworthy that a picturesque park, set up near the landlord's house, functions properly, here you can still find rare for these places tree species. Once the park was decorated with massive wood benches, and numerous flower plantations looked nice.

Bolteniki place is closely connected with the poet Adam Mitskevich and the love of his life, Maryla Vereshchak, who was promised to well-to-do Puttkamer, and then married the unloved one. Maryla’s whole life was closely tied with the estate. The lovers met secretly in the woods nearby, which is now warmly called “Little grove of Maryla Vereshchak”. A huge boulder still stands here with a carved cross by Maryla or Adam – a symbol of eternal love for each other. The village residents say that if you touch the boulder and make a wish, it will come true.





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