The Puslovsky family estate “Albertin” in Slonim

усадьба пусловских слоним
усадьба в слониме
усадьба пусловских слоним
усадьба в слониме


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The Puslovsky family estate “Albertin” in Slonim, Grodno region

The Puslovsky family estate “Albertin” stretched out in the surroundings of a small local river in Slonim, which is accepted by ear as a place, where paste board is produced. A luxurious estate is deservedly joins the list of Belarusian historical and cultural values and it is protected by the state.

The life of the estate complex is connected with the name of the nobleman Voitsekh Puslovsky, who lived in that place at the beginning of the XIX century. At that time, Puslovsky was considered to be a collector. It was spoken that a lot of original canvases of Italian artists were presented in his collection. Before the estate became “Albertin”, it bore a prose name Yurzniki. The legend says that Voitsekh Puslovsky named those lands in honor of his beloved son Albert, whose destiny was tragic.

The estate consists of wonderful buildings, stretched out park and a massive gate at the entrance. During Puslovsky ruling time, industrial enterprises began to function in the boundaries of the estate, where a lot of thing necessary in housekeeping, starting fr om matches and cloth and ending with paper and carpets were produced. With the beginning of hostilities during the 1914-1918 campaign, activity of enterprises was minimized. Nowadays a department of Slonim paper enterprise functions here.

The complex stretched out on the wonderful lake bank, and a park of majestic beauty is located nearby. Once it was a luxurious estate, where live music sounded from one of the balcony. It is interesting to note that enemy’s troops, using Belarus as hostilities place, stayed in the palaces for some time. During the war with Napoleon Bonoparte, a French army was stationed there, and Kaiser’s troops – during the First World War. The Puslovsky family immigrated to England at the end of 30s of the XX century, taking a few dozens of carriages of values. A statue of a woman with a baby and a young man athletically built appeared in the estate park in the Soviet period already.

It is curious that all the buildings are used even nowadays. Thus, a Holiday Palace, occupying a privileged central place in the estate, is used as the House of Culture and a library. Two vases with statues of lying lions decorate the Holiday Palace. Summer Palace hasn’t preserved, but a new construction wh ere a youth café and hotel rooms were arranged, was built on its sketches. Winter Palace turned into the site of a sport club of the cardboard factory. There is also a small hotel in the stables, and pedigree stallions stood there in the past.

There is a huge unbounded boulder with its history next to the “Albertin” estate. The owner of the estate Puslovsky hid behind that stone once during a thunderstorm, as he didn’t managed to get home. Thunder struck into the stone, thereby saving the life of the man. The stone was split in two, and Puslovsky stayed alive. The nobleman ordered to dug the stone so that to set it at the estate. But it didn’t happen. That’s why a cross was constructed near the stone, but it hasn’t preserved to the present. 

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