Estate of Prushinskiy in Loshytsa in Minsk

Estate of Prushinskiy in Loshytsa in Minsk


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In April 2015 in Minsk Loshitsa there was a very important event that can even be considered historical. In April 29, the restored manor house of Prushinskiy was officially opened. Restoration works lasted for eight years, after going through many financial difficulties and transfers, the deadlines for putting the building. Today, the restored 19th-century manor house is open to visitors.

The first mention of the estate can be found in the Chronicles and documents of the 16th century. Then, the modern Princess was owned by Vasiliy Tolochinsky. In the second half of the 16th century the land became the property of princes Drucki, and then Prushinskiy. For three centuries reigned on this earth Prushinskiy, and only in 1884 by the owner of the estate became Yevstafy Lyubansky. It is due to his efforts the estate has turned into one of the most popular and well-kept and most beautiful places of the Minsk province.

The estate had a very advantageous location, therefore, at it stare many nobles. According to some information, owners of the manor over the entire period of its existence were as many as 14. Each of them contributed to the development and appearance of the estate. For example, Stanislav Prushinskiy improved the estate and planted the most beautiful Loshitsa Park, where at the time loved to walk composer Stanislaw Moniuszko and playwright Vincent Dunin-Martsinkevich.

In 1890 Eustace marries Yadwiga Kenevich and waiting for the arrival of his wife decides to completely alter and elevate the estate. This time, incidentally, has a very romantic history. 20-year-old Jadwiga agrees to marriage with 37-year-old Eustace only after the house will be greatly expanded, and in the Park plant trees and flowers of unprecedented beauty. Eustace, madly in love with the girl decides in whatever was to conquer the heart of Yadwiga and significantly changing the face of the entire estate.

To implement your plans to help him specially invited to Minsk by European architects. After some time, the one-story building becomes a large luxury residence. Even now, tourists are able to see the luxury and unprecedented for the time scale, which appeared in the manor thanks to the efforts of Lubansky.

However, the short happy life together was the couple Lubansky – shortly after moving Jadwiga drowned in the river near Loshitsa Park. Still, her death shrouded in legends and tales, and tour guides love to tell that is still haunting the estate soul of a girl who, most likely, committed suicide.

Eustace Lubansky was a very educated and respected man. During the German occupation in the residence housed the temporary location of the regional Commissioner of the city of Minsk V. Freitag. In the mansion, not once was the General Commissar of Belarus, W. Kube, along with his successor K. von Gutberg. During one of the meetings it was decided to hold the estate of the punitive operation and destroy the top of the German authorities.

Throughout the existence of Loshitsa Park and estate has survived many tests. Now, however, the estate blends into the whole complex of the Park.

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