Nemtsevich family manor

Nemtsevich family manor


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In a small village of Skoki in Brest region there is a unique architectural monument of the XVIII century – the manor of Nemtsevich noble family.

For a long time the estate has been neglected and decayed. But now this luxury building is made into a historical and memorial museum which is called “Nemtsevich family manor”.

Architectural features of the palace and park complex

The construction of the manor was begun in the mid-seventeenth century. Marcel Nemtsevich, the father of a famous Julian Nemtsevich, was the owner of Skoki those days. Julian’s contribution consists in the fact that he completed the construction of the palace. Thus the manor had been under construction for nearly two decades, from 1758 when it was underbuilt to 1777 when the building was over.

The manor was composed of the palace, the regularly styled park and the outbuildings. The two-stored manor house was built in the baroque style with peculiar features inherent in it. In bygone years the rectangular building of the noble house had a tiled roof. Thanks to the drawings of Napoleon Orda it is known that on the sides of the building there were wings which formed a semi-circular yard in front of the main entrance. That was typical for the XVIII century. Servants lived in one of the wings the other one was allotted for the stables. The buildings haven’t remained till now.

Thanks to the memories of Julian Nemtsevich there is a brief description of the interiors of the mansion. That allowed restoring the interiors during renovation works. The first floor was built as a corridor on both sides of which there were residential rooms. The second floor of the mansion was allotted for the apartments. Also there was a spacious ballroom with a place for the entire orchestra.

Behind the house there was a park twenty-five hectare in size. All its paths went down to the Lesnaya River. The burial-vault of Nemtsevich family was traditionally located in front of the manor. The crypt, like the wings of the manor, has not survived.

Nowadays the renovated estate complex consists only of the mansion and a part of the park. Despite it, Nemtsevich family manor is one of the few buildings restored in its original form.

In good time the architectural monument was listed as a historical and cultural heritage of Belarus, thanks to it now we have the opportunity to enjoy the majestic views of renovated manor facades and see the restored interiors of the noble house with our own eyes.

Despite the fact, that during its existence the manor has experienced the complete evacuation, was utterly ruined two times and has been neglected for a long time – palace and park ensemble in Skoki is the only in Brest region which is preserved in remarkably good condition. It was under explosion hazard, it could be dismantled to bricks – but the Nemtsevich family manor has survived now pleasing the visitors of Brest region.  


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