The Estate of the Golitsyn family in Slavgorod

The Estate of the Golitsyn family in Slavgorod


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The small district center in Mogilev region in ancient times was called Propoysk and has been known since the early XII century. Today it is a small town with the name of Slavgorod and the population of over seven thousand people.

The landmark of this picturesque town is the ancient settlement Castle Hill situated on the high bank of the river Sozh. There have survived remains of military fortifications including moats and ramparts.

Almost immediately the settlement along with the Principality of Mstislavl joined the lands of the Principality of Smolensk. Then Olgerd returned the land to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The territory of the town became a battlefield at different times. This place is interesting also because the false Dmitry I was caught in Propoysk in the early XVII century.

After the first partition of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the territory of the modern Mogilev region became part of the Russian Empire. That’s when Empress Catherine II gave Propoysk to Prince Golitsyn.

The new owner of the city built an estate there

The new owners, the Golitsyn family almost immediately began the construction of the castle. The estate was built in the XVIII century. The exact description of the noble house, unfortunately, has not survived in written sources, but there were rumors that the design of the castle was marked by refinement and grace. They say the building looked very harmonious against the background of the beautiful manor park. One of the stone statues was named in honor of Russian Empress Catherine II. The territory of the park was adorned with other sculptures, a grotto was made.

The state of neglect

But the wealthy and luxurious life in the Slavgorod estate did not last long. In the early XIX century, the castle of the Golitsyn family came to possession of another owner – Yanchin whose father being a farmer left his son millions. When the young landowner spent all money, things went down at the estate; the manor house soon fell to decay. It happened in the last quarter of the XIX century. However, it was still a long way to devastation on the site of the majestic structures. In those days, a summer house and a part of the park on the steep bank of the Sozh was in excellent condition.

During the Great Patriotic War, the line of defense of the Red Army passed through the park. Today there is a monument on the site of a mass grave on the former Castle Hill. It was built in memory of those who died during the liberation of Slavgorod by Soviet soldiers.

Today almost nothing has left from the Golitsyn family estate, but the townspeople are proud of the partially preserved park. They walk down the long picturesque walkways, bring visitors of the town here. Some parts of the park are built on, but there are vacant lands where maybe one day the former grandeur of the Golitsyn family estate will be restored.

Trip to the Golitsyn family estate of Slavgorod town is included in the town sightseeing routes. Historians willingly talk about the once rich estate of the famous Russian dynasty.

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