Gatovsky estate in Krasny Bereg village

Gatovsky estate in Krasny Bereg village

Krasniy Bereg

Palaces, manors, castles

The estate and its owners

This estate went into possession of M. S. Gatovsky, general-lieutenant in the XIX century. He bought it from his colleague. The estate consisted of the palace, the household outbuildings, several park paths. The real flourishing of the estate began after the next owner – V. A. Kozell-Poklevsky had entered into possession, who got  it as a dowry of Mary, the daughter of Gatovsky.

Vikentiy Kozell-Poklevsky belonged to the richest noble family. Their plants, factories were located throughout the Russian Empire, – we can’t even enumerate all of them. In short, many branches of economy went into the field of enterprising interest of the Kozell-Poklevsky family. Vikentiy having inherited a large fortune, increased it incessantly.

Appearingly, he didn’t lose his roots, didn’t forget his home, and receiving the wife’s estate, built there a wonderful family nest. Surely, such a luxurious palace, which is still located here, can hardly be called a nest.

A dream palace in Krasny Bereg village

An architect V. A. Shreter, who was invited, built a palace there in 1890-1893. The style is classified as a fusion of Neo-Gothic and Neo-Renaissance styles. It is an assymertical building with lots of towers, rich moulded finishing outside. Only drains in the shape of gargoyles send you to Paris at once, but except for them, there are also high relieves, gratings, combination of red and white, exquisite decor.

The palace is also exclusive inside. Just imagine, 36 rooms and each of them is in its own style: the passageway along the rooms of the palace can be considered as a so-called excursus into the history of interiors. Neo-Gothic and Baroque, classicism and Empire style, Neo-Romanesque and Arabic style, which brought here the atmosphere of the mysterious Alhambra. And all of it is not just the perfunctory decision, but the implementation with a precise reproduction of the details, with a great number of expensive authentic decoration. Bronze, Venetiam lead crystal, English faience, French porcelain were used in the palace design.

Both client and architect risk falling into lack of taste by implementing such a varied project, but it hasn’t happened. Exquisite, weighted approach to the construction and the beautification of the building determined the magnificent and exquisite result.

The selection of paintings from the collection of pictures is also aesthetically adjusted. The canvases of I. Aivazovsky, G. Semiradsky and other famous painters decorated the walls of the palace, adding a piece of inspired beauty to it.

A park area

It is worth noting that the estate is not just an architectural attraction, but also a landscape art monument.

The park is English, that was very popular at that time. It means that it imitates the natural greeenery. But as they say you should put in great efforts so that to achieve naturality. Except for common trees species, there are some unique trees, which lack in any other park or garden in Belarus.

Household outbuildings

Except for wonderful palace, an outbuilding for servants, the brewery, other household building were preserved on the territory of the estate. They are examined by visitors with curiosity, studied by scientists and art historians.

There are many legends, stories connected with the palace and the estate, which only add some originality and attractiveness to it. Since 2015, it is opened for visiting after the restoration. What luck that we can get there!

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