Fleryanovo estate of the Bokhvits family

Усадьба Флерьяново рода Бохвицей
Усадьба Флерьяново рода Бохвицей2
Усадьба Флерьяново рода Бохвицей
Усадьба Флерьяново рода Бохвицей2


Palaces, manors, castles

The estate locating in the village of Fleryanovo (or Florianovo by analogy with the name of its founder) has not only an attractive appearance but also an interesting history. Now two well-preserved mansions century are situated on the territories which belonged to the Bokhvits family in the 19th: Pavlinovo and Fleryanovo. Let’s talk about the latter one in details.

The history of the estate and its owners

The history of the building preserved to our times is inseparably linked with the outstanding representative of the Bokhvits family Yan. He was a real humanist and a hero of his time. Yan Bokhvits participated in the Crimean War, was an ardent opponent of serfdom, so he was fighting during the uprising of 1863-1864. As it is known the uprising was put down and the insurrectionists were sentenced to prison. The similar fate did not spare the offspring of the noble family.

Fortunately, the imprisonment was short-term. He returned to the homeland and took possession of the inheritance a year later. Yan Bokhvits inherited the lands of Pavlinovo and Fleryanovo from his father.

There is an interesting story of the names of both settlements. The first one is called after Yan’s father’s mother, his grandmother Pavlina Maevskaya, who was a sister of mother of famous Adam Mitskevich. The other one was first called Novyye Voshkovitsy. An active offspring of Florian started in the village a great reconstruction of the estate, which had been already built, and later renamed the village in memory of his father.  

The construction works had been fully completed by 1870.  Yan Bokhvits proved himself not only an excellent owner but also a good gardener.  A magnificent park was laid out around the estate, due to which it seemed that the estate was buried in verdure and flowers.

Another enterprising representative of the Bokhvits family, Yan’s son Tadeush, rented out the rooms in summers. Picturesque landscapes, cozy rooms of the estate attracted there a lot of distinguished people. Among private guests of Fleryanovo, it is necessary to mention Vladislav Reymont, Heinrich Nussbaum, representatives of the aristocratic families of the Reytans and Radziwills, and the incomparable Eliza Ozheshko fascinated by the local nature. The writer who was 67 at that moment found there her sweetheart: her gentle and romantic correspondence with the owner of the estate, a 45-year-old Tadeush, was published in a separate volume. The oak planted by Eliza Ozheshko in 1915 is still growing not far from the estate…

Architectural features

The estate stands out against the usual village houses. The first thing that strikes the eye when looking at the architectural monument is a brick entrance with lovely gabled towers, causing persistent associations with medieval and magical castles. However it is only the facade, the “face” of the estate, behind which a wooden building of more simple wood is shyly hidden. Its current owner, Genrikh Mikhaylovich Tretyak, being in a very advanced age of 83 years, however, finds a lot of efforts and time for his possession.  He even does all construction works by himself.


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