The Borovskies’ estate in Lukovets village

The Borovskies’ estate in Lukovets village


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The village of Lukovets is situated in Vileyka district, Minsk region.

At the beginning of the XIX century Lukovets Township belonged to the Shumskie family. In the XIX century Brigitte Shumskaya began to form estate. It was decided that it would be built in the common style of that time - classicism. Brigitte Shumskaya decided to place herself on record for the descendants, so her initials were hammered out on the barn, the stables and the cowhouse, which has preserved until now.

After some time Shumskaya decided to gift her estate to Alexander Borovsky. Later this estate was passed to Ivan Borovsky, and he became its last owner.

According to the existing historical documents, the estate was damaged by a major fire in 1905. Therefore, the Borovskies had much to alter and restore. They decided to replace many wooden houses and fences with the stone ones, but the overall layout of the estate was preserved.

The estate is located on a hill, a large area of ​​its north-eastern part is occupied by terraces. The total estate area together with the farms, the park and the garden covers an area of ​​about 18 hectares. The layout basis is two longitudinal paths connected with side ones, thereby dividing the estate into rectangular bosquets. Today, three of them are clearly visible. The park eastern side began with the linden alley. Among the trees were oaks, linden, spruces and Canadian poplars. One of the lanes separated the park area from the ​farms.

After the fire, all the buildings were replaced by stone ones, but the estate itself remained wooded and consisted of only one floor. The house with the farms forms a vicious circle. The estate front entrance was situated on the east side.

At the moment only the estate basement survived. But the ledovnya, the stables and the barns are considered by tourists only as ruins, reminding that a huge beautiful house once was here.

An amazing chapel-tower has preserved in one of the destroyed fence corners. There is a version that the icon of Our Lady hang in the chapel, and beautiful rare flowers were planted there in summer. The chapel served as the estate architectural decoration as well.

The landowner cowhouses, which were renovated in our time, function as intended nowadays. The park hasn’t fully preserved, only a part of it survived, but the tourists can see the unique trees and plants, which have preserved ever since the Borovskies’ time.

The estate courtyard was surrounded by a fence of stones. Unfortunately, it hasn’t preserved until this day.

There is an opinion that the estate has a mound on its territory, which was created during the war against the Swedes. However, its purpose is unknown until so far.

Despite the fact that the estate has not preserved, and all the buildings are in ruins, the tourists are interested to come to this place so that to feel the spirit of that time.

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