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Brest Arbat Street: Sovetskaya Street

Probably, it is almost impossible to find a city, a settlement and a village on the territory of Belarus, where there will be no street with the name Sovetskaya. In the regional center - Gomel - it is central, in Brest the street with the same name is also located in the center of the city. With the light hand of local residents, she was christened Brest Arbat, and our article will help to understand why.

The story of one street in Brest

It goes without saying that the original name of the street was completely different. At different times it was called the Millionnaya, the Police Officer, wore the name of Jerzy Dombrowski and even sounded very German - Generalstrasse. Only in 1944 it acquired its current name - the Sovetskaya.

The devastating wars of the twentieth century led to the fact that in Brest there were few truly ancient examples of architectural heritage. That is why the recently restored Sovetskaya street, which became the visiting card of the regional center, is valuable. Here, in the twenties of the last century, there were trading rows organized by Jews, jewelery workshops, a pharmacy and a bank. The pharmacy, built in 1925, exists and still works.

Once on the Sovetskaya street there was also a Jewish synagogue, built in 1862. Now from it there were only fragments of walls, which became part of the bearing walls of the cinema "Belarus", which is located on the site of the historical building. The building, thanks to such a fusion of history and modernity, is truly unique.

Sovetskaya Street nowadays: what to see

The length of the sights of Brest is 1.7 kilometers. Being a typical historical part of the city, it is mostly pedestrian. The most remarkable is the beginning of the street. It begins with one of the buildings of the Brest State University, bearing the name of the classic of Russian poetry A.S. Pushkin. Earlier in this building was located Alekseevskaya Gymnasium for boys, built in 1903. It deserves a separate mention because it was the first building erected specifically to meet the needs of students. Prior to his appearance, the students huddled in different rooms, which were simply converted into training classes, in fact they were not such. In 2010, near the hull, a greenhouse was built, which has already become a local sight: it has about three hundred exotic plant species. Walking along Sovetskaya Street further, you can admire the perfectly preserved residential buildings, the construction of which dates back to 1915, and also see the St. Nicholas Brotherly Church. The building of the church, by the way, is included in the list of historical and cultural heritage of our country, which means it is necessary to pay attention to it during Brest sightseeing tour.

The last renovation of the facades and reconstruction works were held here recently - in 2009. About Sovetskaya Street is known far beyond Brest not only thanks to the beautiful architecture, for which it is called proudly Brest Arbat, but also a wonderful tradition of lighting lanterns every evening. The lamplighter, dressed in the form of Peter's times, manually lights and extinguishes every street lamp on Sovetskaya Street. This you will not see anywhere else!

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