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The History of Cnianskoe reservoir in Minsk

Cnianskoe reservoir is an artificially created reservoir located in the Northern part of the capital not far fr om the previously existing villages of Tsna-Iodkowo. A pond was created was in the end of XX century, in 1982. Original purpose of the reservoir was for technical and economic support of city water.

Today on the territory adjacent to the reservoir, created a good area. Water fills the reservoir from Drozdowsky water pond. The shape of the reservoir is visually reminiscent of a square and has a fairly large area of 1 square kilometers the Average depth of 2.5 m, however, rare pit to 7. From the reservoir there is a small branch towards the residential area. During the existence of the reservoir, this area has become very popular among lovers of water. The locals during the summer weekends often prefer to spend their free time here, as the grounds are very clean and nice nature, well-kept space and a cozy atmosphere.

What attracts tourists to the reservoir?

This artificial lake attracts vacationers for many reasons, one of which is a very good location, easily to reach by public transport and by private car. The recreation area has its own small infrastructure.

At the pond  there is quite a lot of variety of fish, including carp, bullheads, perch and roach. The order in the territory of the recreation area is arranged well, the whole coastline is in a very tidy manner. Here are 5 well-equipped beaches, some of them sandy. It has everything for a comfortable holiday in the sun on the water: a neat cabanas and benches. In the basin there are the buoys which lim it the area allowed for swimming. There also provided safety for children, equipped fencing for swimming in shallow water with clean sandy beach. In this area there is also a small playground for volleyball, a few swings and children playground. Stay in the area, just like fishing and swimming for visitors absolutely free.

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