The Assumption Temple in the Village Sarya


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Sarya is a picturesque corner lost among the illimitable space of the Verhnedvinsk district. The village situated on the Saryanka River is yet not populous but rich in historical events that are in close connection with this territory. In Sarya there is a special attraction that has recently become known among curious tourists that often come there. It is really worth visiting and watching. It is the

Assumption Temple. Interestingly that it is a church that has been used for a long time as a temple. The Assumption Temple in the Village Sarya is constructed in New-Gothic; due to its exterior it refers to uncommon for Belarus monumental structures that we can see in any ancient town of Western Europe.

The small location Sarya has seen much of the world. In the XVI century vast territories around Vilna were in possession of the famous family of The Sapiehas. A short time later ingenious war leader Nicolay Lopatinsky bought the well-loved village from the Sapiehas and became its sole owner, thanks to whom Sarya became a true gem of the Belarusian land. The great grandson of the war leader Ignaty Lopatinsky firmly settled in Sarya. Ignaty was deep-read and learned, was perfectly schooled in art, often travelled abroad and was in society. Soon Ignaty Lopatinsky married Marysya Shumskaya.

But the fate stinted happiness for the lovers: at the time of childbirth the beloved Marysya died. Her husband Ignaty hardly sorrowed for his wife, suffered and grieved. He decided to build a grandiose church in memory of Marysya near her tomb. Ignaty wanted the structure to express the sorrow for his loss and depth of feelings, and also to embody the heavenly beauty and grace of his beloved. The brilliant architect Gustav Shaht took on this colossal plan: thanks to him the church became an airy and delicate monument with steeples aiming skyward.

However, Ignaty Lopatinsky paid the high price for his pet project: in those difficult years in the Russian Empire construction of Catholic churches was almost unreal. After long litigations a special committee gave him desired authorization. But trouble comes in threes: Ignaty Lopatinsky was cruelly punished for his participation in the anti-Russian revolt of 1863: his precious pet project was confiscated and then locked in order to transform it into an Orthodox temple. In the XX century the temple also has suffered a lot: it was closed, used as storage and even an amusement center, and then it was restored and given to Catholic Christians, and a short time later was again given to the Orthodox parish. The Assumption Temple in the Village Sarya is a Belarusian Taj Mahal and a fabulously beautiful temple, thanks to which Ignaty Lopatinsky has preserved the name of his beloved in history and embedded forever the story of their great love.

The Assumption Temple in the Village Sarya could decorate some European city, such as Lisbon, Rome or Bruges, but it is Belarus that has luck to possess such a valuable treasure that amazes, surprises impresses, inspires and is sure to be unforgotten.


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