Minsk region, Uspenskaya church in Krupitsa village

Minsk region, Uspenskaya church in Krupitsa village


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There is an agricultural place named Krupitsa just 23 km far away fr om the capital of Belarus. It’s the center of Krupitsa village council.

Krupitsk village council contains 22 settlements. The biggest one is Krupitsa with the more than 2 thousand people population. You can’t leave without attention local Belarusian spirit.  Krupitsa is located in a very picturesque place on the bank of Ptich River.

First it was mentioned in 1791. According to historical chronicles it was the patrimony of the Radzivyls. But since 1897 it had been a part of Samohvalovich area. Spiritual existence in the village is concerned with church parish of Pyatevshchina village.  The village was a part of its parish since Spas-Preobrajensky cathedral was opened in 1752 and till it was closed in the 30s of the 20th century.

 In 1995 the church parish was renamed in honor of the Dormition of God’s Mother. In 1998 the church was removed to the village council’s centre.

The same year the venerable Konstantin Konstantinovich Dubkovich became the prior of Uspensky cathedral of God’s Mother.

Nevertheless in 1998 it was decided to build a new brick church. This cathedral is very similar to St Peter and Pavel’s cathedral in Senitsa village but the church of god’s mother has 5 domes covered with gold. Repairing hasn’t still finished. Public worships are performed on the territory of a shopping centre where there is a temporary church and a stand wh ere you can buy everything for visiting the sanctuary.

In 1998 and 2001 the building was robed but all icons were not touched.

There is also a Sabbath-school for 40 pupils at the cathedral. Public worships are held on Sunday and holidays.

Everyone can visit the sanctuary, to cling before sacred images and to be alone for a while. You can feel piece in your soul and clearness of your thoughts here. You won’t forget your visit to Krupitsa because the spirit of its landscapes attracts tourists from all over the world.

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