The Trinity Church in the agro-town of Knyaginin

The Trinity Church in the agro-town of Knyaginin


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Agro-town Knyaginin is located in the south-eastern part of Myadel district, Minsk region. The first mention of these lands date back to the XV century. In 1493 there was gentry’s principality according to the ancient scriptures of the Lithuanian metric. In the XVI century, King Sigismund I presented these lands to E. Slisen, then it was passed to the Poklevsky-Kozell family. In 1846, Knyaginin estate passed into the possession of K. I. Kozell. A winery and a mill were operated on those lands. However, the gem of the agro-town Knyaginin is considered a wooden Trinity Church, which has preserved to the present.

The Holy Trinity Church was built in the 1770s as a Uniate sanctuary. Like most small parish churches of that time, the church was erected of wood in a fairly simple and laconic manner. In appearance it is a low four-sided tower with a towering belfry, where, it should be noted, there are no decor on the walls.

However, in 1839 the Uniate confession was abolished in the Russian Empire, and all the Uniates were automatically transferred into the Orthodox Church. The same thing happened to the Holy Trinity Church. In Soviet times, the church like most temples was closed, and already directly after the Soviet Union dissolution it was again passed to the believers.

In 1886, the temple rapidly began to break down, that’s why it was necessary to carry out the restoration. It was decided to cover the Holy Trinity Church with brick. The bricks were attached with cement mortar mixed with chicken eggs. The Soviet authorities were afraid to destroy the shrine, but all the attempts were in vain. The shrine stood inviolable even after the bell tower was exploded. In the XIX century, a fence of crushed stone was built around the church. The belfry of an interesting keel-shaped form opens the very entrance to the church territory.

In 2012, the building of the temple went through the restoration again, the facade was trimmed with the newest material, so it can easily be mistaken with a modern building. On 29 September 2013, the temple of the Holy Trinity was consecrated by Bishop Benjamin.

The church interior space stands out with a startling unity. Soft diffused light, which comes on fr om above out of the eight narrow windows, allows the parishioners to contemplate the holy images of the sublime sacred iconostasis thoughtfully and leisurely, which is crowned with the fairly rare and ancient icons.

The Holy Trinity Church images are performed by the team of artists under the direction of Reverend Andrey Rublev. The icon "The Trinity" is the main temple icon, wh ere anyone coming to the temple may worship to.

The Trinity Church in the agro-town Knyaginin is the main temple of the village. Divine services are held daily here, but at Easter and Lent days they are held according to a special schedule.



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