Minsk region, Trinity Church in Dolginovo village

Minsk region, Trinity Church in Dolginovo village


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The village with the curious name of Dolginovo is located near the road Vileyka - Dokshitsy which is 120 kilometers away fr om Minsk, and 18 kilometers away from Krivichi railway station. The urban-settlement of Dolginovo is known since the beginning of the XVII century as the princes Drutsko-Sokolinskie estate. In 1661 bloody battles took place near the village during the Polish-Russian war. Dolginovo rural Council was founded in 1940.

Today Dolginovo gained the status of an agro-town. A high school and a kindergarten function here. There are also a cultural center, a library, a hospital, a chemist’s shop and a post office.

There are mass graves in Dolginovo old churchyard, wh ere both military and civilian victims of fascism are buried. It is also worth mentioning the significant places, such as an architectural monument Stanislavsky catholic church, which was built in the XIX century and the Trinity Church, which was built in 1870. White brick was used for the construction of this temple. According to its image and shapes this shrine resembles a voluminous dome with semicircular ledges. In the middle of the construction the dome majestically rises on a high octagonal drum. The drum facets are separated by round arched window openings. The Trinity Church has also three entrances, which are decorated with arches and an inimitable ornament of pseudo-Russian style. At the time, when the sun sets, you can watch as a grand cross "burns" in his rays of a golden flame. An amazing, you can say, a unique spectacle.

A carved wooden iconostasis is found inside the church, which is covered with gold-plating entirely. The images, which are depicted on the church walls give some feeling of complete spiritual harmony and peace. A synagogue is also located near the temple, which, unfortunately, is in a dire state. The locals rebuilt the synagogue building into the henhouse and barn. An abandoned Jewish graveyard is situated near the Trinity Church as well. The history tells that during the Second World War there was a great majority of Jews killed. In connection with those terrible events a monument was erected in the victims’ memory at the cemetery. The inscription is stamped on this monument: "We shall never forget." However, the cemetery is abandoned and overgrown with grass now.

The Holy Trinity Church in Dolginovo is listed in a variety of tourist trails. Visiting this sacred temple, you will not remain indifferent. This architectural heritage is a great monument of the bygone era.

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