The Holy Myrrhbearers Church in Baranovichi

The Holy Myrrhbearers Church in Baranovichi


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The Holy Myrrhbearers Church was built in the central part of Baranovichi (the Brest region). Honored architect of Belarus L.V. Makarevich designed this building. According to him, the artistic appearance of the building, made in the pseudo-Russian style, is distinguished by the expressiveness and delicacy, which God gave to the female image. The construction of the church lasted for 5 years and 5 months.

The History of Creation

On May 31, 2001, Archbishop of Pinsk and Luninets Stefan consecrated a site for the erection of the church. On May 20, 2002, the beginning of the construction was blessed by Patriarch Alexis II. On the last days of July 2004, 4 bells were consecrated, one of which was the largest in Belarus and weighed about 1.5 tons. All these events only indicate the uniqueness of the project and future building.

On November 7, 2005, Archbishop Stefan consecrated two dome crosses. On October 12, 2006, the main dome which was the 7th out of 13 decorated the composition of the church. At the same time, the plastering process inside the church was almost completed. A bell-tower was painted and decorated. On December 23, 2006, Archbishop Stefan consecrated five more dome crosses.

Individual entrepreneurs and organizations, representatives of the authority in Baranovichi, as well as then mayor V. Dychkovsky, took part in the construction of the church. On October 20, 2007, the church was consecrated by Metropolitan Filaret, Archbishop Stefan and Bishop Seraphim.

The Holy Myrrhbearers Church Today

In addition to liturgical activities, as well as Catechesis and missionary work, the parish of the church cooperates with law enforcement institutions, civil registry offices, local social service centre, public associations, organizations, and educational institutions. So, for example, in 2008, with the help of the Gymnasium No. 4 of Baranovichi, a summer Orthodox camp opened.

Travelling to Christian shrines allows you better understand spiritual life and get acquainted with the cultural heritage of Belarus.

At least 200 students go to Sunday school. Children attend lessons of drawing, choir singing, arts and crafts, choreography. Sisters of mercy who perform a noble mission of service in the building of the former railway hospital, provide spiritual support to those in need. On Sundays, an Orthodox library functions for all the parishioners of the Holy Myrrhbearers Church. The church has become one of the most visited sights of Baranovichi and the entire Brest region.


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