The Temple of St. Vladimir in the village of Chizhevchina

The Temple of St. Vladimir in the village of Chizhevchina


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Chizhevchina is a location in Zhabinka district situated to the south-west fr om the district center.

Previously there was a location Krupchitsy on the place of Chizhevchina. It was the place wh ere historically well-known battle between the troop of Russian soldiers and rebels under the leadership of Tadeusz Kosciuszko took place on 6 September 1794.

100 years later there was opened a temple to the memory of the battle of 1794; it got the name after St. Vladimir.

A chapel to the memory of soldiers killed in that battle was opened in Chizhevchina 110 years later, in 2004. Chizhevchina had expanded and “had swallowed up” nearby Krupchitsy up to that time.

The battle took place not far from Carmelite monastery in autumn 1794. It had been known since the second half of the XVII century. That monastery complex occupied about 300 square meters and comprised a church, residential and household buildings. There was an organ in the first half of the XVIII century; the brotherhood of St. Yuzef was formed, and in the end of the century there was opened a parochial school. Children from poor families and orphans studied there.

During the 8-hours battle, the monastery was severely damaged. But the church had survived; it was turned into parish in 1800. In 1860-s, the church was given to Orthodox people, and was turned into a temple consecrated in honor of Alexander Nevsky. In September 1882, the wooden church with all adjoining residential and household buildings was burnt down during the fire.

For that reason, a month later, it was decided to build a new temple on that place. The engineer was A. Ramer; he delivered documents for construction two years later. Afterwards the project was given to the architect Zolotaryov, and the permit for construction was delivered only in summer 1886.

The construction of the temple was started in 1891, and it was made of stones remained from the monastery that had been destroyed over a hundred years ago. In autumn 1894 – three years after the beginning of the construction – the new temple was opened.

In the middle 1960-s, the temple was closed again. It opened its doors for church people only in 1989.

The temple in Chizhevchina was consecrated to the memory of St. Vladimir who had been the Great Duke of Novgorod and Kiev. Under his reign, in the end of the X century, the Baptism of Rus took place; it presented the adoption of Christianity according to the Greek ceremony. After the baptism, he got a new name – Vasily. He left his mark on history under the names the Grand Duke Vladimir, St. Vladimir and Vladimir the Baptist. The feast day in the Orthodox Church is on 15 July old style or 28 July new style.

The temple in Chizhevchina has a cross-like shape with an adjoining five-cant apse in architectural terms. The temple is made of stone in neo-Russian style.

Today the temple functions and any faithful person or tourist can visit it and get acquainted with the amazing history of that temple and the place in general.

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