The Temple of St Nicholas

The Temple of St Nicholas


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With the Icon of St Nicholas

In Verhnedvinsk, in Gagarin Street, there is the Temple of St Nicholas. It is one of the main attractions of the town that you have to see, take pictures of it and then watch them at home and tell all your acquaintances that this temple is in Belarus.

In the style of Classicism

The Temple of St Nicholas was constructed in 1819 in the style of Classicism. For some years it was also the main Orthodox temple of the town Verhnedvinsk. If you look at the temple, your eye will catch the strict shape of the building, its simplicity and perfect symmetry. Classicism was rather popular at the time; lots of mansions, temples and even houses were built in this style.

The unique relics

The inner decoration lacked excessive splendor. It was the same as in the case of other numerous Belarusian temples. However, the Temple of St Nicholas is a real treasury where unique valuable icons of the XVIII century are kept. These are such icons as “The Evangelists Marc and Luke”, “The Nativity of the Mother of God” and “Madonna Ostrobrama”. They are very valuable copies for Belarus. They present the spiritual heritage of Belarus, the true symbol of human faith.

The present of parishioners

Residents of Verhnedvinsk not only stand for preserving such a valuable building in the town as the Temple of St Nicholas bat also they are ready to decorate more and more their temple every year. Thus, in 2004 the townspeople gifted the temple a huge bell weighting 7 poods. The same year the temple was 185 years from the foundation. The temple is still highly revered by the townspeople. Within its walls wedding ceremonies, baptismal services and other events are held. The residents of Verhnedvinsk come to the church on weekend and on holidays.

The highest bridge in Belarus

At the entry of the temple you can notice numerous tourists that come here to watch the whole Verhnedvinsk and the Temple of St Nicholas, in particular. Apart from the temple there are other equally significant attractions. We won’t lift the curtain just yet but know that in Verhnedvinsk there is the highest bridge in Belarus. Would you like to check it? Then you should make a note about it in your directory.

The icon as a protector

Those who travel a lot are sure to know that St Nicholas is the patron of travellers. So when you go even for a city break, don’t forget to take an icon of St Nicholas the Wonderworker with you. Perhaps, it will be the same icon that you bought upon visiting the Temple of St Nicholas in Verhnedvinsk. If not, you have to keep something to the best memory of the trip to the town on the Zapadnaya Dvina. You will want to recall this memorable day or evening when you were walking along the streets of the town and came across the site that is of great value for every townsman – the Temple of St Nicholas.


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