The Church of St. Michael the Archangel in the village of Synkovichi

The Church of St. Michael the Archangel in the village of Synkovichi


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Belarus, as you know, is considered the very center of Europe. Our country has a huge tourist potential for this and many other reasons. The extant ancient Orthodox and Catholic Churches are in constant demand. And the greatest number of extant religious shrines is in Grodno region.

One of the most popular and mass tours of Grodno region offers to go to the Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Synkovichi. This construction is unique for the fact that one of preserved churches is of a defensive type. Among residents of this village and in the adjacent areas the Shrine is known as St. Michael’s Church.

The whole history of the Church has concealed a great number of mysteries and secrets for several centuries.  The exact date of its construction is still unknown, probably, the construction of the Orthodox temple was started in the late 14th century if not earlier. At that time it was a massive building with the thickness of walls in a meter and a half surrounded with four fighting towers. By the way, then it was not just a place of refuge for believers, but also it was a real small reinforced castle. The construction differs fr om others in its defensive, residential and commercial functions. In its original form over the building in the center stood a massive dome, now you can see only a high gable roof.  

The history of creating the Church is quite interesting and even fascinating.  In the 14th century, Grand Duke Jogaila, who later became the King of Poland, decided to go with war to his brother Vytautas and his uncle Prince Kęstutis. However, it was not easy to defeat them. In the result of a deliberate deceptive maneuver Jogaila captured his brother and uncle who were put in prison, located in Krevo castle. However, Vytautas managed to escape, having dressed in women’s apparel. Vytautas thought long where to go and finally he decided to hide near Slonim.  The locals did not remain indifferent to the Grand Duke and helped him to hide himself from Jogaila’s pursuit.  As a result, in gratitude for their help, Vytautas laid in Synkovichi a massive Church. So in 1407 the Grand Duke with his wife consecrated the new Church of St. Michael the Archangel.  

However, historians claim that the Church was built a little earlier, because unique inscription with words from the Greek language were found on its walls. Besides the legend about the creation of the temple, the Church is famous throughout the region thanks to a healing icon of the Mother of God. However, Synkovichi “Pantanassa” is just a copy of the famous original, but this image was created on Mount Athos in Greece. And even the copy, according to local residents, has unique properties, about which you can read in the book of testimonies of miraculous healings. These records are kept in St. Michael's Church. Thanks to the icon of many believers were safely healed from alcoholism, depression, cancer, addiction, etc.

Here you can hear wonderful inimitable bell ringing, which has no equal in the whole territory of Belarus. For the Church were specially cast five bells, which in the ensemble with golosniki (resonators) embedded in the walls of the Church create a unique and inimitable atmosphere around the temple and near it. Here is the real House of God, wh ere all the local Orthodox believers love to come. By the way, some time in the mid-20th century the Church belonged to the Catholics who later abandoned it. Finally in the late 1990-ies the temple became again a monastery for the Orthodox.

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