The Temple of St. Alexander Nevsky in the village of Stolovichi

The Temple of St. Alexander Nevsky in the village of Stolovichi


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Stolovichi is a location of Baranovichi district, 6 kilometers northwards from the outskirts of the district center.

Today the population of the agricultural town is only several hundred residents. But tourists will surely find what to see there.

One of the attractions is the Temple of St. Alexander Nevsky leading its history since the first half of the XVII century. Previously the temple had another name and was dedicated to St. John the Baptist. Moreover, it was constructed as a Catholic Church.

The uniqueness of the temple is that it is the only religious institution in the territory of modern Belarus that belonged to the Order of Malta knights – the oldest Order of the Roman Catholic Church in the world.

The construction of the church dates to the 40s of the XVIII century. The church was made of stone, and was based on a project of the architect Joseph Fontan. The idea of the church construction was the initiative of the owner of Stolovichi – Dombrovsky who at that time was the Commander of the Order of Malta.

Remarkably, there was a chapel before the church construction in Stolovichi. It had been built as early as in the 30-s of the XVII century. The idea of its construction was the initiative of the Commander of the Order of Malta, well-known state and military figure of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Sigizmund Carol Radziwill, the representative of the richest family of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. There was the sculpture of the Blessed Virgin of Loreto at the Chapel, and there was a wooden hospital near it.

When the church appeared there, the chapel became its part as a presbytery occupying the space between the altar and the nave.

Some years after the beginning of the construction under Fontan’s project, the construction-in-progress was contributed with additional works of another architect Johann Glaubitz. The church began to function in 1746.

The Church of St. John the Baptist was rebuilt into an Orthodox Temple after the Revolt of 1863. At the same time, it got a new name – the Assumption Temple later changed its name to the Temple of St. Alexander Nevsky. Today it is known under this name.

The temple is erected in the style of Vilna Baroque and presents a basilica with three naves and two towers. The presbytery has a triangular shape; there are sacristies at the sides. Thanks to the cornices, the frontage is divided into three tiers. There are four semi-columns at the entrance. The important decorative fixtures are pilasters.

There is an altar inside the temple. It has three tiers with the molded composition«Gloria» and the sculptures of Jesus Christ and Joseph the Baptist. There are two-tiered altars in the side naves. The floor is made of marble in the temple.

The Temple of St. Alexander Nevsky is a perfect site for tourists that are interested in religious and regional thematic areas.

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