The Temple of St. Alexander Nevsky in Baranovichi

The Temple of St. Alexander Nevsky in Baranovichi


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The Temple of St. Alexander Nevsky is situated in the town Baranovichi in Telman Street, 108.

The construction of that religious building was finished in 1998, in the same year it was consecrated. The temple is not the only religious object in Baranovichi named after that Saint. First of all in the town there was another church in honor of St. Alexander Nevsky in the territory of the cemetery. The temple has not survived to our days; it was destroyed in the postwar period due to the urban redevelopment. The new religious object got its name after that demolished temple in the cemetery.

The community was formed in 1991. The initiator of the temple construction was Alexander Dzichkovsky who later became its first senior priest. The project was developed by the well-known Belarusian architect Leonid Makarevich. He is the author of project of temples in other towns of Belorussia, such as the Temple of Warriors of St. Apostles Peter and Paul in the town Beryoza, the Cathedral of the Great Martyr Theodore the Tyro in Pinsk and others. Besides, the architect created projects of civil buildings including the movie theatre “October” in the capital, the hotel of the Brest regional Committee and others.

Two years after the organization of the laity, in 1993, the construction of the temple was started. In the summer of 1995 the lower temple was consecrated. That object was named after St. Euphrosyna of Polotsk (the secular name is Predslava), the famous Saint in Belorussia. The upper temple was constructed three years later, in September of 1998, the same year it was consecrated. The consecration was conducted by the archbishop of Pinsk and Luninets.

The temple was consecrated in honor of St. Alexander Nevsky canonized in the sainthood of wonderworkers in the middle of the XVI century.

In 2000 there was constructed a church parish building near the temple in the district center, three years later the Holy-Water Chapel was opened, and eight years later there appeared a belfry above the gates.

Apart from its everyday activity the temple is engaged in charitable giving and missions. Close links with a number of town philanthropic organizations are maintained. The church men also render assistance to lonely, elderly and needy people.

On Sundays the local TV channel “Intex” translates the program dedicated to religious thematic area and called "The Light of Orthodoxy". There is also the radio program “Orthodox Preaching”. The Levites regularly lecture at the local University. The weekly counseling is organized about spiritual life, weddings, baptizing and on other religious topics.

There function the brotherhood and sorority at the temple. The former is named after St. Alexander Nevsky, the latter - after St. Euphrosyna of Polotsk.

The monumental appearance of the temple attracts not only faithful people but also tourists interested in a religious thematic area and getting acquainted with the attractions of the town Baranovichi.


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