Transfiguration Church in Ostroshitsky Township

Transfiguration Church in Ostroshitsky Township

Ostroshitskiy Gorodok

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Ostroshitsky Township, located in Minsk region is the only agrarian populated settlement that was awarded by the President Decree the pennant "For courage and inviolacy during the Great Patriotic War" in Belarus. The reason for this award was the valor of the Red Army soldiers, the members of the underground and partisans who fought heroically on these lands, and all the residents, who provided an unbearable help in crushing the enemy during the Cold War. Literally every resident of Ostroshitsky Township was a partisan, or assisted them after all. After the war, the whole Ostroshitsky Township was totally ruined.

Today Ostroshitsky Township is the village council centre, 16 settlements are under its jurisdiction. Natives say, it is Ostroshitsky Township surroundings where the famous and beloved poet Yanka Kupala wrote his famed poem titled "Mound".

Undoubtedly, the history of this wonderful place on the river Usyazha bank is quite fascinating. Long before the landowners Tyszkiewiczi these lands were possessed by the landlords Ostrozhskie. At various times, these lands were called differently - the Ostroshichi, then Ostrozhchi or Ostrozhchitsa. And during the Radziwill family reign - Ostrozhchitsky Township. During the First World War, Count Tyszkiewicz estate, located one kilometer from the village was destroyed to the ground. The only illustration which gives an idea of ​​this estate appearance is considered to be the XIX century painting by Napoleon Orda. At that time, anyone could hardly dare to name Ostroshitsky township a village as trade and industry flourished there, and the very famous copperware was produced in the workshops.

There are mineral healing springs on these lands, which attract tourists from afar. The past and bloody wars haven’t preserved many architectural structures until now. Of all the past splendor only a genuine monument of public architecture miraculously survived – the old Transfiguration Church, which stands in the local churchyard with its small wooden chapel. By the way, this is one of the few churches in Belarus, which functioned during the Cold War.

The temple was erected in 1942 right before the Germans tried to seize these lands. Few people know that the temple was considered "temporary", but the doors of this sacred place haven’t closed since then. In time, the Transfiguration Church was restored. Her ramshackle, wooden walls were laid with red brick, the altar was expended as well, which has completely decayed with time. Currently, the prayers are served in the Holy Transfiguration temple. Both locals and guests worship to a large number of sacred ancient icons here. The services in the Holy Transfiguration Church are both on Sundays and on holydays.

The Transfiguration Church in Ostroshitsky Township, is undoubtedly the greatest monument of architecture of the past years. Staying in this temple you will surely feel peace and spiritual balance.

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, Ostroshitskiy Gorodok , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 29.6 km

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