The Intercession Church in Dokshitsy

The Intercession Church in Dokshitsy


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There is a small town of Dokshitsy not far from Berezinski biosphere reserve. What is it attractive for? It is a small populated area – quite a notable place on tourist route. First, that there are Orthodox and Catholic Churches with interesting history here. Theatergoers will be appealed by Dokshitsy national theatre. And even just a walk along Dokshitsy streets is only a pleasure. As any other Belarusian town this one is also buried in flowers and vendure, and the river Berezina head adds a town on water status to Dokshitsy.

From wood to stone

It took some time so that Dokshitsy got the present view. The same is about the Orthodox Church – The Intercession Church. Although it is known for certain from documents that the Orthodox Church in Dokshitsy had appeared as far back as in 1514. It was wooden then. Unfortunately, it wasn’t destined to preserve to the present time.

But the parishioners needed a temple, and it was decided to build a new, now wooden one. The construction was started in 1863. A small wooden church was created for the locals at the same time, where they could come and pray, while the construction works were holding in Dokshitsy.

Years were passing by, the temple was built, but soon dismantled. In the early XX century the Intercession Church was built on its place, which is delightful for the eye of locals and tourists.


Luckily, even during the Great Patriotic War the church wasn’t destroyed. The Germans used the church’s building only to gather the captive there. In wartime even the reconstruction of the Intercession Church  was carried out. Thus, the Church has survived and pleases the locals.

In the heart of the town

The Intercession Church is located in the centre of the town of Dokshitsy. Protected with a stone fence Church is partially revetted. It adds a special attractiveness to the temple. Pargetted arches of the Church contrast with stone laying, but undoubtedly harmonize with a blue roof. Thus, a wonderful structure of the Church decorates the very heart of Dokshitsy. In fine weather when there is not a cloud in the sky, the Church merges into the blue smooth of the sky. The sunlight reflects in the sparkling of the golden cupolas. If you happen to be in Dokshitsy in winter, then you would be surprised with how the Church looks like, standing on the white carpet of snow.

You should come into the Church, as it is opened for the visiting almost every day. If you have the luck to get in Dokshitsy on one of the holy days, you will be a direct participant of a divine service. 

Folk custom

The Intercession of the Theotokos is a great holiday among Orthodox believers. A lot of Churches were built in the Theotokos honour both in Belarus and in other countries. People believe that this is a day of autumn and winter meeting. And exactly with this holiday, according to the folk tradition, the onset of winter begins. It is considered, that a white veil covers the land with itself.

The Intercession Church in Dokshitsy is not just the Church for Orthodox believers, but also an interesting attraction both for tourists and pilgrims. 

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