The Intercession Church in the village of Milkovshchina

The Intercession Church in the village of Milkovshchina


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A modest but very cozy village under the name of Milkovshchila is located in Grodno region. This settlement is famous for one of its attractions – the Intercession Church which was erected in 1904. In the middle of the summer of 1909 it was consecrated in honor of the Intercession of the Mother of God.

Today this local heritage is an architectural monument of the early 20th century. During the Soviet era, when many shrines were used as outbuildings, the Intercession Church did not manage to avoid the same fate. It became a place for storing grain. During the period of all wars on the territory of the country the building managed to survive, except the time when it was used for other purposes. During the entire Soviet period the Church, which was deprived of the constant care, began to be subjected to all kinds of destruction under the action of time.

At the turn of the century the building of the Shrine was completely renovated by local skilled craftsmen, and now it is in a good working condition.

The description of the Intercession Church in the village of Milkovshchina 

The Church of the Intercession of the Mother of God is an amazing and valuable attraction in the village of Milkovshchina. It is made in the likeness of the Krasnoselsky Holy Trinity Church, located in   St. Petersburg. Here was used a mixed architectural style. Here are no elements of eclecticism or historical Russian style with red brick. Brick was made from clay produced in this area. But, unfortunately, the technology of manufacturing such a solid brick has not been preserved. The Church has the form of a wholly oblong with a cross-beam building, above the entrance of which rises an octagonal belfry consisting of two tiers, and in the intersection there is also a high tower with a dome, around which are placed four small dome heads.

The temple has 4 entrances: the central one, narthex entrance and two entrances which are symmetrically located on the sides of the building. The Church looks very ornate. It is worth noting the main elements of the decoration: pilasters, corbel arches, bands, panels, profiled cornices and platbands of shaped brick. All these details make the temple a striking example of Orthodox architecture, referring to the beginning of the 20th century.

The intercession Church is rather attractive for numerous tourists who are interested in recreation in Belarus. Nowadays you can visit the village of Milkovshchina either by yourself or within one of tourist programs. A tour to these lands will bring a lot of positive emotions, and also will enrich the level of cultural development.

In addition to the main attraction – the Intercession Church – in the village of Milkovshchina there is another interesting place that may arouse the interest of tourists and travelers around the cities of Belarus. The Polish writer Eliza Orzeszkowa was born in this settlement. Unfortunately, almost nothing of her family estate has been left, except a few fragments of the Park. However, you can learn more about the works and activity of this talented woman in a small museum located in the local school of Milkovshchina.

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