The Church of new apostolic community in Minsk

The Church of new apostolic community in Minsk


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The new Apostolic Church is an international Christian religious organization. Every city and townhas new apostolic communities, which are components of the Church. There are more than two dozen similar communities on the territory of Belarus, which make up two districts.

The beginning of Churchactivitywas in the first half of the nineteenth century. According to the representatives of the new apostolic direction, the first gifts of the Holy spirit occurred in Bavaria and English Albury in 1826. Next was Scotland (1830) and London (1831). Prophecies, promising the imminent advent of new apostles to the faithful were uttered. Meanwhile real communities with their own members, leaders, well-known gathering places were forming around the prophets. In further statementsthe power of the Holy Spirit was said to call the first disciple on October 31, 1832.Thatwas Kardal, who lived in London. During the period fr om 1832 to 1835 there appeared another 11 apostles. The new apostles gathered in Albury to prepare for religious activitiesthroughout the year.

The apostles begantheir ministry in different parts of the world. Very often they had to face misunderstanding and distrust of the population and the government of the country where they deployed their activities. However, new ideas got popularity with the residents of Baltic States and Volga region, and in 1871 the first new apostolic congregation in Russia was organized in St. Petersburg. Over time, the first ones of new apostles left the earthly world, and their work was continued by the followers. Communitiesof new Apostolic Church gradually emerged in many countries of the world. In 1991, the cell of this Church was formed in Belarus, and its founder was Apostle WilfriedKlingler.

The main objectives of the new Apostolic Church arepreaching the gospel and missionary work. Approaching the religious values is conducted by three sacraments: Holy Baptism with water, Holy sealing with Holy Spirit and Holy Communion. Worship services are conducted in a free form and the activity of communities is financed by voluntary donations.

The building of new Apostolic Church in Minsk is located at the address SharangovichaStreet, 1. It is a unique building with a very interesting layout. The main facade has the shape of a triangle with anannex behind it. Narrow rectangular windows are a natural source of light. Strict and restrained style that the building is made in assumes the absence of external decorations. The main entrance to the Church is crowned by a large metal cross.

Currently the new Apostolic Church in Minsk has more than a dozen parishioners. Its doors are open daily and services are held on Sundays at 11 am. The Church has a Sunday school, wh ere classesfor youth are held.

The building in SharangovichaStreet in Minsk is very often visited by tourists who are interested in diverse religious world of Belarus. The building of the new Apostolic Church is a striking example of the extraordinary architectural thought.

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, Minsk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 46 km
, Minsk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 42 km

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