The Temple of St. Boris and Gleb in Novogrudok,

The Temple of St. Boris and Gleb in Novogrudok,


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Novogrudok that appeared in the vast expanses of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the XI century is considered one of the oldest Belarusian towns with a rich history and unique atmosphere. Everyone knows from school that Novogrudok was the capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. This fact attracts many Belarusian tourists and foreign guests in the small, picturesque town in Grodno region. Apart from the popular Novogrudok castle that has been in ruins for a long time, there is something else in Novogrudok that can be of interest to experienced travelers. In ancient times, Novogrudok was rightly considered to be a true gem of the powerful states that was often used by great dukes as a place for their residence.

Now Novogrudok is much more modest, but culturally it is as rich and generous as before. One of the attractions included in the honorary list of the Belarusian historical and cultural heritage, – the Temple of St. Boris and Gleb that has perfectly survived and still functions despite its respectable age. But the very first version of the temple appeared in the XII century! Over years, the temple has been reconstructed several times, gaining different architectural styles and new elements. The temple of the XII century was built of limestone with inserts of fired brick. Its walls were decorated with beautiful paintings and the floor was paved with stones. A little later, a monastery began functioning. In the XVI century, the Orthodox temple was greatly restored with the efforts of the Hetman of Ostrog, the building looked like a majestic ship after that.

Later, the temple was transferred to the Uniate parish, and it was again planned to reconstruct it with addition of some Baroque features. After the reconstruction, the temple has changed a little its functions: it had to defend the town from enemy invasions that were rather often in those years. This can explain the appearance of towers with loopholes in the structure. The times were really restless. Later, the temple became a monastery, only this time – Basilian. After Novogrudok became part of the Russian territory, the Temple of St. Boris and Gleb in Novogrudok was returned to the Orthodox parish, as it had been from olden times. It was again reconstructed, acquiring features of the pseudo-Russian architectural style. During the Soviet period, the majority of Belarusian temples were closed. The ancient Novogrudok temple was no exception. Divine services were held under the vaults of the temple in that period, and it has hosted a local archive for a long time.

Now the temple is a place of pilgrimage of Orthodox believers even from the most remote corners of Belarus who dream to touch Orthodox sanctities kept within it. The old temple is incredibly popular among tourists visiting the ancient town to see the temple of a hard destiny, stunning beauty and undeniable greatness. 

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