Church Grace

Church Grace


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Church Grace belongs to the Gospel Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith and is located in Minsk in 48 Gurskogo Street within walking distance from Mikhalovo underground station in Dzerzhinsky Avenue.

The Community Congregation has over 30 years of history. Nowadays Sergei Tsvor is a bishop of United Church of Evangelical Christians. The senior pastor of the Church Grace in the capital is Sergei Khomich.

The total number of parishioners is over twenty-five hundred people. The church actively works with children who regularly attend services for kids.

The Christian Youth Evangelical Theatre and a dance group «Lily-of-the-Valley» operate on the base of the church («CYET» for short).

Community «Grace Mission» created in the church functions on a voluntary basis, its members are engaged in cleaning and restoration of abandoned objects of historical value.

Today the Church Grace is open for everyone. Although when it was established here it used to be a sort of closed organization as in 1984 the registration of the Gospel Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith in Minsk was not allowed by the Council on Religious Affairs of the BSSR Council of Ministers. Due to this fact initially only limited circle of people could attend religious services there. Over time these restrictions were abolished.

Moral upbringing of a person is a very important issue in sermons. The Church encourages parishioners to refuse from addictions such as alcohol, drugs and gambling. Considerable attention is paid to family values and love to work. Due to this the church takes active part in social spheres: priests work with people suffering from addiction to alcohol and drugs, help to bring up teenagers who have troubles with parents and contemporaries, they are also concerned with volunteering.

Other activities also take place in the church: quiz contests, festive meetings, concerts etc. To get more people involved in its parish church actively holds various conferences.

Besides the church located in Minsk, the Community Congregation is represented by churches in other Belarusian cities like Gomel, Mogilyov,  Baranovichy and other settlements of the country. 

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, Minsk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 40 km
, Minsk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 45 km

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