Trinity Church in Lyskovo village

троицкий костел лысково
троицкий костел пружаны
троицкий костел лысково
троицкий костел пружаны


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Unique construction relates to the late Baroque architectural style and is located in a cozy village of Lyskovo in the Brest region. Holy Trinity Church was built of durable brick in 1763-1785 and is a kind of later construction. Originally the church was built of wood in 1527 by the village owner, M. Klochko. In the middle of the XVIII century Lyskovo was passed to J. Byhovets possession, and he transfered the church to the Catholic missionaries Order. They rebuilt it of more strong and durable brick.

The author of the temple plan remains still unknown, but it is rumored that the direct participation in the construction of the church was given to the architect J. Becker, who worked in close Ruzhany village.

Description of the Holy Trinity Church in Lyskovo village

In terms of architecture, Trinity Church has a very peculiar construction. It is represented as a one tower cross-similar stone building. Its tower was a little transformed in 1818.

For several centuries the church was being reworked and changed. Toward the end of the XVIII century U-shaped two-floor monastery building was built in front of the temple. In the middle of the XIX century the church was transformed into a Russian Orthodox Trinity Church. But already in the second half of the XIX century there was a fire. Many believe that this event happened by chance, but there is no official confirmation. In several years architect P. Zolotorev took part in the restoration of the temple.

Active actions during the two world wars on the territory of Belarus and religious troubles affected the Trinity Church as well. Ruthless time impact is directly reflected in the appearance of the temple. Today the Church in Lyskovo village is non-acting and in poor condition. The building stands without a roof for a long time already, and you can see oscillating trees grown from the upper part. But, despite the dilapidated appearance, the church hasn’t lost its charm. It still remains a magnificent architectural highlight of the region with its long history. By the way, the monastery building was more fortunate: it was rebuilt and today acts as a medical dispensary.

Not far from the church you can find the burial of F. Karpinski, who has made a significant contribution to the Polish poetry development, also he was one of sentimentalism founders.

Unique Holy Trinity Church is one of the republican scale monuments. It will be interesting not only for the true history and religious architecture connoisseurs, but also for the travelers who have chosen an exciting holiday in Belarus.

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